January 5th, 2014

State of JohnK on a Sunday Morning

Woke up this morning after spending an uncomfortable night.

I didn't do a lot of stuff yesterday (Saturday) at all, no reading, no computer, just a little bit of text messaging, and some phone calls. Tried to watch a bit of PVR stuff during the early evening, but the headaches were just too...disagreeable. I've also had a couple of balancing issues, and to be honest, I feel miserable. And pretty lonely, other than when mom's dropped over with a bit of Jewish penicillin, aka chicken soup.

Started having terrible lower back pains on the right side during the early evening. Add that to the bowel problems I've got at the moment on top of stuff (which may or may not be concussion related), and well... not a pleasant evening or night.

This morning, the temperatures seem to have warmed up a bit, but the sheer amount of snow coming down outside makes things interesting, and according to what I've heard from my mother, after the snow comes the freezing rain and then the rain, and then the temperatures will freeze it all solid again. Wonderful.

I'm taking it relatively easy this morning, and if the headaches subside (which they have for the moment), will spend a bit of time on the computer. Might even try to read a bit.

Sunday Gaming Session Cancelled

Sadly, due to the inclement weather outside, not to mention my current health (or lack thereof), I've cancelled Sunday gaming for this afternoon.

I actually decided this yesterday, given how rotten I feel today, and called both Tammy and spross (at least I think I did) to let them know yesterday afternoon and/or evening. However, the weather outside today has made me glad of this decision. No harm, no foul.

That said, I'm not all that happy about this, but such is life and the tides of Fate. Or whatever.

Again, not a great start to the gaming for 2014. Phooey! :(

RPG Thoughts on 2013, and Looking Forward

Well, I feel somewhat better this afternoon, so we'll see what happens.

Still, on the subject of gaming, as most folks who read this LiveJournal know, one of my primary hobbies is roleplaying games. So I thought I'd devote an entry to my personal thoughts on the roleplaying that I did in 2013, and that I want to do in 2014.

Collapse )

How all my roleplaying plans for 2014 will work out is anyone's guess. You can always ask me in about a year, of course. :)

Whew! That took a lot of energy out of me, and I'm somewhat headachy again. Time for a nap, methinks.