January 13th, 2014

Monday Morning State of JohnK

I woke up this morning feeling relatively well.

The headache was still persisting somewhat, and I felt a bit sore on my left side (as I think I spent most of the night sleeping on that side of my body). When I got out of the bed, slowly, the dizziness that has been part of this recovery thing hit me full force, but I was fortunate to fall back onto the bed, rather than forward into the wall.

I've been feeling somewhat better since I started to move around (again, slowly), but not too good. I called work and told my boss that I'd work from home again today, and he was alright with that. It's been a productive morning, and I have managed to take a bit of a walk (as the streets and the sidewalks have been salted here somewhat, despite the still cold temperatures), though I felt very dizzy and a bit nauseous when I returned to the house.

Anyway, for now back to the work thing.

Q&A With JohnK about River of Heaven SF RPG

For those folks who are pondering whether to get involved and support the River of Heaven RPG Kickstarter, I had posted up a bunch of questions to Newt Newport, the organizer of this particular Kickstarter for the game. His answers are what sold me on the game. Newt has posted up the questions and answers (with my blessing) on the Kickstarter itself and a couple of other places. I figured I would post up the questions I asked him and his answers here.

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And there you have Newt's answers to me. Like I said, these answers sold me on the River of Heaven RPG, and made me decide to pledge my money around the game. If you've liked the answers to these questions as well, here's the link where you can go and support the game as well.

River of Heaven SF RPG Kickstarter