January 14th, 2014

A Tuesday Morning

I slept very poorly yesterday for reasons that I'm not sure of. (Perhaps the concussion, perhaps too many things whirling around in my head at the moment. Probably the latter, hopefully not the former.)

Got up this morning and started work from the house at the usual 7:15 am. I managed to take a short walk this morning, and let the car run in the parking lot here at home for about 15 minutes. (I hear these things are good for the car, and I haven't driven it since the start of January, other than a couple of times, so...) I have finished what needed to be done this morning for the most part work-wise, and just have to wait for the work system to do some language software compilation.

So, in the meantime, I'm going to call my friend, knightbane, and we'll chat for about 45 minutes or so about some Atlantis: The Second Age RPG stuff that I need to clarify with him.

The server should have finished by then, and I can get back to work. Hopefully.