January 15th, 2014

Blood Test Morning

Needless to say, since I really needed to get a good night's sleep last night, I woke up this morning around five minutes to 5. *yawn*

I've just gotten up about five minutes ago again, and have to do a quick wash and stuff before I head out.

This morning is the day that I need to go for my usual diabetic blood tests before the appointment with the doctor at the Diabetes Clinic in a couple of weeks. I never really understand why they want these tests done so early (especially when they're being done in the hospital), but ours is not to question why and all that. Besides, I'm too sleepy for arguing with anyone right now, and I've woken up with a ferocious headache.


I haven't decided what to do after the blood tests for breakfast, but I suppose that will take care of itself once I've finished up with the blood tests.

Too much else to concern myself with right now. Get washed first, everything else later.

Home From the Hospital

Just got back home from the Riverside Hospital and the blood lab there where I had my tests done this morning.

I got there a bit later than planned, and there were lots of people. So I had about half an hour's wait. When I got there and handed in the form for the tests, the registrar informed me that my doctor also wanted some urine tests done, and I needed to go upstairs to the Diabetic Clinic, get the form, come back down, and give them the sample. Since I had a half-hour to wait, that was no problem. In any event, as per usual they took way too many vials of my blood as far as I'm concerned, but it's over and done with now.

Managed to get home, but am feeling tired and somewhat nauseous, not to mention I've got some acid reflux as well. Took some Gaviscon, so that helped, but the best thing I can do right now is eat breakfast. So that's the plan.

Afternoon Spent Relaxing

Went and took a nap after having breakfast this late morning, and when I woke up, went in the shower (again) as I felt a little bit sticky and all.

Had a light lunch, consisting of a bowl of lentil soup and some Melba toast, and then since I was still feeling shaken and a bit achy in the arm where I had the blood drawn, I sat down for the afternoon and watched the first disc of the Unforgettable DVD set. Really remarkable stuff.

In the meantime, I've been invited out by friends tonight for Chinese food, and I've decided to take them up on the offer, so will be going out to eat around 6:15 pm or so. It should make up for the miserable morning that I had, so I'm looking forward to that.

Good Friends and Chinese Food

Just got back about ten minutes ago after going out this evening for Chinese food.

Kathy came by around 6:10 pm and picked me up. She had Ellie with her, along with Joanne and Crystal. We drove over to Brother Wu's, and met up with the rest of the folks - Nick, Laura (his wife), and David and Angela. So overall, a good group of eight (8) people. A good size for a Chinese meal.

Once settled in at the table, and a bit of amiable chatter over cups of Chinese tea while browsing the menu, we ordered our food. I started off having a bowl of mustard greens with pork soup, and then when the appetizers came, had one of the gow tien and followed this up with two of the Hunan dumplings, but they were a bit too spicy for my taste. The rest of the dishes consisted of the General T'sao's chicken, sizzling beef on platter, moo she chicken with pancakes, beef with orange sauce (which was too spicy for me as well, though I had a couple of spoonfuls), Buddha's delight, and a couple of shrimp dishes that I didn't touch or go anywhere near. Overall, a lovely evening meal.

By the time we finished dinner, washed down with Chinese tea and finished with fortune and almond cookies, it was close to 9:20 pm, and it was a great evening of food and talk.

Kathy, Ellie, Joanne, Crystal, and I bundled back into the car, and Kathy dropped me off at the house. I'm just going to have a mug of herbal tea, and then a bit of an apple, and then it'll be off to put my feet up and relax for about twenty minutes or so before heading to bed.

Overall, a lovely way to end the day after the rough morning that I had.