January 18th, 2014

Awake on a Saturday Morning

Woke up this morning somewhat tired.

But it was a good sort of tired. I got to bed last night around 12:45 am after gaming with the Friday night gaming group (more on that in a separate blog post) but woke up after a nightmare that I don't remember around 5:30 am. Fell asleep again, and woke up finally at 8:15 am. (Which is late in the morning for me.)

Just finished breakfast and figured that I would blog this up. I'm tired, like I said, but feel a bit invigorated. Good thing, since I need to do some stuff around the house today, and I'll be going out this afternoon (hopefully) to pay off my WIND Mobile bill.

In the meantime, I've got some gaming stuff I plan on doing today, including writing up the notes on last night's game, and working on my scenario for CanGames this year.

Friday Night's Game Session of Yggdrasill

As noted earlier today, I ran another game session of Yggdrasill last night on the Friday night group.

The players all showed up by around 7:15 pm, so we started playing last night a shade earlier than we usually do. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, and a good time was had by all. I think.

I started a brand new scenario for the Yggdrasill game system last night, one that has a simple plot about one of the local girls in the town of Grontvand going missing. The game session had a lot of roleplaying and interactive stuff between the player characters, and ended on a note of potential danger and sorrow, something that I find is common to many of the Norse sagas.

The players told me afterwards that they had a good, enjoyable time of the session, and are still enjoying the immersion to a degree in Norse culture, something that I have found is not a shared feeling with the Sunday gaming group. Angela told me that she is finding the challenge of playing Sigrun, the daughter of the Jarl of the town, to be a lot of fun if somewhat nerve-wracking, as she hopes that she's making the right decisions. Several of the players laughed, and said that they don't have to be the right decisions, they have to be the ones to keep the player characters alive! No pressure there, right? :) The players had a good laugh at that one, let me tell you.

In any event, looking forward to running another game session next Friday night. :)

Saturday Afternoon Stuff

I have spent part of the afternoon out and about.

spross dropped by this afternoon, and despite the snowy, slippery conditions outside, we took a drive over to the WIND Mobile store so I could pay my bill, and where I was hoping to talk to the veteran sales person about the state of WIND Mobile and its parent company and some of the stuff that's been happening with them of late. Alas, the fellow wasn't there today (he took a day off for the day), so that didn't happen.

From there, spross drove us over to the east end Farm Boy store, where I was able to pick up some decent deli meats and some Havarti cheese. I also picked up a mild chorizo, as I have a dish that I want to try out, but I need to do some other research on the meat itself before I can cook the dish in question. I know it's not too healthy in some ways, but I just want to try a couple of dishes out with it once.

In the meantime, tonight is an evening of rest. I've been pretty active for most of the day, other than the early morning hours, so I'm looking forward to a quiet night in with a bit of DVD watching and maybe a bit of reading.

The good news so far today is that I've only had a headache twice.

Friday Night Game Report - Yggdrasill RPG Session 11

Here is the eleventh session report on the Friday night Yggdrasill game campaign. This session was played on Friday night, and is the most recent game session of the Friday group. You can read about the previous session of the campaign in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.

Collapse )

This was the start of a new scenario for the Yggdrasill RPG on the part of the Friday night gamers, and they had a pretty good time of it. The adventure started slowly, as I mentioned in a previous post, and while there was no combat there was plenty of social issues and conflicts to deal with, along with a smattering of other stuff.

A good session of gaming overall, and I'm looking forward to the next session of Yggdrasill next week. Weather permitting, of course.