January 22nd, 2014

Cold Day in Ottawa

Wednesday morning. Hump Day. More than anything, Frozen Hump Day.

Woke up this morning to another brutally cold day here in the Ottawa valley. (Again.)

I figured today that I would come in to the office to work, as I really need to do some work at my desk in the office, and take care of some of the computer aspects of the job that I can't really do from home (though the network does make things easier when working from home).

Needless to say, I've been cold ever since I went out this morning to start the car, and I haven't been able to warm up here at the office. The cold has just gone right through my bones, I guess. I'm on my second cup of herbal tea this morning, and they've been warming. Just not for long.

In any event, I'll be leaving the office today around 12:30, as I've got a footcare appointment this afternoon that I'm looking forward to (as my feet are a bit dry).

Other than that, I just want to try and stay somewhat warm this afternoon.

Happy Birthday, James Murray!

Happy Birthday, James Murray!

Today is actor James Murray's birthday. Murray is the gifted actor who played Stephen Hart for two Series of the Primeval tv series. He's also set to appear in the second season of Defiance when that tv series returns to our small screens this year.

Here's wishing James Murray, who turns 39 years young today a very Happy Birthday, and a terrific year ahead!

We miss you, Stephen Hart.

Atlantis: The Second Age Q&A with Jerry D. Grayson Now Up

For those folks who are eagerly awaiting the release of the new version of the Atlantis: The Second Age RPG, here's something to whet the appetite a bit.

Last night, Jerry D. Grayson of Khepera Publishing did a Q & A show on RPGnetChat at 7:00 pm CST about all things Atlantis.

The transcript of last night's Question and Answer period with Jerry D. Grayson about the Atlantis: The Second Age game has been uploaded by Dan Davenport to his Hardboiled GM's Office blog.

Here's the link:
Q and A with Jerry D. Grayson [Atlantis: The Second Age]

There's some interesting stuff in here about the game, and a few surprises as well. There's discussion about the differences between this game and previous versions of the setting, some of the game mechanics, talk of inspirations, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Hope folks enjoy it.