January 23rd, 2014

(Gaming) Memo to Self

Dear self,

I know you have this thing about time travel rpgs, and you're very fond of them. Sure, you don't have scads and scads of time travel rpgs, just a selective few of them and some supplements for them, but...

You really need to exercise a bit of impulse control and all that. Not that I'm regretting what you did in pledging on the new GUMSHOE time travel rpg, TimeWatch (as did over 630!! other folks so far), but really... (Even though it looks *fabulous*!)

Do try to keep things on the QT in future, and try to limit how much you're going to spend on rpgs this year, okay? You made a promise to yourself about limiting rpg expenditures this year (2014) and the number of Kickstarters you'd get involved in, so try and reign it in, okay?