February 5th, 2014

Happy Birthday, Steven Ross!

Today is my friend, spross's birthday!

While I'm not at liberty to say how old he is, other than the fact that he's over 40 (he's actually turns 45 years old today), I just want to wish him a very Happy Birthday, with good health and good prosperity for the year ahead.

Steve's been a pretty good friend to me over the years, especially when I had the science fiction bookstore going here in Ottawa lo those many moons ago, and so I want to thank him for his friendship and support over the years, and the many hours of enjoyable gaming and the like we've spent during all this time. (Perhaps one of these days he'll do up a journal entry about how we met and all and our first gaming experience, but for now...)

Happy Birthday, Steve! :)

Atlantis RPG Update

A bit of an update on the Atlantis: The Second Age RPG being published by Khepera Publishing.

Over on the Atlantis Kickstarter page, Jerry D. Grayson has posted an update that consists of the following two photos.



This would seem to mean that the books have been received from the printer by Jerry, and that folks who Kickstarted the project will be getting their books in snail mail in the (hopefully) not-to-distant future.

Book looks lovely in the photos. I'm looking forward to the physical book itself!

The Second Age of Atlantis is nearly upon us! :)