February 9th, 2014

Sunday Morning Musings

I managed to get to bed relatively early last night.

I did a bit of reading before bed, for about 20 minutes or so, and then crashed. Slept like a log. But I woke up somewhat late, and so am just about to head upstairs for breakfast.

Today promises to be an interesting day. I'll be running the gaming session with the Sunday players this afternoon. They'll be starting their Atomic Highway campaign, so I'm rather looking forward to that. This evening, I'll be watching the Scotties Tournament of Hearts finale, so that will be nice and restful, methinks. I love me some curling, and this tournament (along with the Tim Horton Brier) is as good as it gets.

Good way to wrap up the Sunday before getting ready for another work week.

For now, time for breakfast.

Friday Night Game Report - Atomic Highway RPG Session 1

As noted elsewhere in my LiveJournal blog, I've just started running my two gaming groups through the start of the Atomic Highway RPG campaign. The Friday night gamers began their campaign the week before, with the process of character creation. You can read my blog entry about the characters they created by following this link.

What follows is the first post about the Friday night Atomic Highway RPG campaign.

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And there's the writeup on the first session of Atomic Highway with the Friday night group, not including character generation. I had a lot of fun running this game session, and the players had a good time with it, enjoying the character interaction and some of the activity going on in the game session, and got to experience the game world with a bit of panache. As noted in another LJ post, I decided that rather than start the characters all together, the player characters would be somewhat known to each other, but not necessarily friendly. And that they would encounter each other in smaller groups, each dealing with some events going on. I also knew that I wanted to do a bit of in media res as well, and I managed to pull that off remarkably well. The players enjoyed that element of the game session, Kathy telling me that it reminded her a lot of the days back when I was running the TORG: The Possibility Wars RPG, which definitely made me feel all warm and fuzzy. (I loved that game, still do, and had a good time with it.)

In any event, I had a terrific time with the Friday nighters, and am looking forward to next Friday night's session of Atomic Highway.

Sunday Afternoon Gaming

The Sunday afternoon gaming session is over, and the players have left, heading for home.

I'm pretty tired, and somewhat frustrated after the game session.

spross and Tammy arrived on time around 1:00 pm to start the gaming session, and I was all gung ho and looking forward to it. This was the start of their Atomic Highway game, and I knew they were looking forward to it as well.

Once we got settled down for play, like I had with the Friday night gamers, I started the players off with going over the basic rules, a bit about the game world, and then got into some sample combats. Once everyone had the hang of that (with some seemingly not so happy bashing of each other and a boar or two along the way), I got down to the adventure. I'll be posting up a separate blog entry with the game session notes when I have a chance to transcribe them, but I will say that while Tammy had a pretty good time of things and I laid some pipe with her character, spross just... well, let's just say he was Steve to a capital "T". Quiet, not talkative, not reacting to *anything* (despite the fact that there were two good hooks for him in the play part of the session), and just sitting and watching the game as it went on. The only time SteveR got animated when he kept re-rolling "6"s during the sample combats, and at one point rolled 5 of them in a row.

Basically, Tammy had a pretty good solo session of Atomic Highway. I don't know what SteveR had. I was somewhat frustrated, though I did manage to introduce a smattering of background and some plot hooks into the session.

We'll have to see what next Sunday's session of the game brings to the table.