February 10th, 2014

Work Week Begins

Monday morning. The start of the work week.

Woke up this morning somewhat disoriented, and a bit dissatisfied with my night's sleep. Part of that may have had to do with yesterday's gaming session and the fact that I was still frustrated somewhat about it. (See the previous blog post for more on that.)

The weather is cold outside, but no colder than one would expect for a February day. It's supposed to warm up somewhat later in the week, so I'm not all that displeased.

Came in to work this Monday morning expecting to find myself with a boat load of work, but things have been pretty quiet here at the office so far (early part of Monday), so I can't say that I'm complaining or upset. I expect things to pick up a bit later in the morning, but for now I'm content.

When I get home today, I need to do some laundry, change the bed linen, and hopefully get some roleplaying work done on stuff from yesterday.

For now, a cup of cinnamon and lemon herbal tea.

Sunday Afternoon Game Report - Atomic Highway RPG Session 1

As noted elsewhere in my LiveJournal blog, I've just started running my two gaming groups through the start of the Atomic Highway RPG campaign. The Sunday afternoon gamers began their campaign this week, but created their characters the week before. You can read my blog entry about the characters they created by following this link.

What follows is the first post about the Sunday afternoon Atomic Highway RPG campaign.

Collapse )

As noted in a previous post, this was for me, a very frustrating and somewhat annoying game session of Atomic Highway due to the actions and sheer invisibility of one of the players. That said, there was some good stuff to this session as well, notably the play of Tammy and her character's interaction with some of the NPCs that entered the game in this adventure.

Anyway, I don't plan to dwell on this game session, as it's time to move on down the road with the Atomic Highway system, and just see what the next session brings.