March 30th, 2014

Sunday Morning Thoughts, and Snow

I woke up this morning too early, given all the physical stress my body has undergone the last week or so (with the two hospital appointments for the MRIs), and while I don't feel too bad, I don't feel... "right".

I'm somewhat nauseous and all, when the truth is told, and my left ankle and leg are hurting me something fierce today, but other than that I'm also just a bit mentally foggy and groggy, no doubt due to the drugs administered to me.

The weather this morning is pretty bad, snowing madly as I type this (though supposedly the accumulation won't be all that much). Figures. It's the end of March and all that.

While I'm not sure about whether I feel like gaming yet or not, the weather itself puts this afternoon's session of Yggdrasill with the Sunday players in question. So we'll see how that shapes up.

Friday Night's (March 22nd) Game Session of Yggdrasill

As folks who are into the roleplaying game stuff on my blog may have noticed, because of the death of my computer back on the morning of the 22nd of March, I haven't posted the campaign thoughts and game session material about the Yggdrasill campaigns that I've been running.

So here, for those who miss the stuff :), is the first bit of stuff about the game session from back on Friday, March 22nd.

Last night, I ran the Friday night gaming group session once more, as per usual. The players are currently involved in their Yggdrasill game of Norse adventure in the 4th through 6th Centuries, and the players had a pretty good time as usual.

The players all arrived for the game by around 7:15 pm, so once everyone was present, we got down to a bit of small talk and then proceeded with the evening's game session. The game session had a little bit of everything in it, starting with the in media res situation carried over from the week before, and the players got their blood pumping immediately with the fight against the dog-head creatures. After that, the game took a slower turn, though there was some combat and sparring here and there, as the characters negotiated some of the more difficult situations of inter-character action. There were some great moments in this session, notably Kathy's Ingrid Horoldsdottir and Ellie's Jordis Hodersdottir being protective of the Halvor children, the willingness of Angela's Sigrun Evardsdottir to embrace the romance sub-plot with the NPC, Runolf Beinirsson, and some of the fighting choices and decisions made during the desperate combat near the beginning.

Overall, the players had an excellent time of it in this most recent game session of Yggdrasill. Nick and David commented once more on how simple the game mechanics are, and how easy it is for the players to roleplay their characters and not worry overly much about the mechanical aspects of the game (that's what the GM is for, btw!). Overall, another successful and enjoyable session of the game.

I'm looking forward to next Friday's session, weather willing, of course, given that this is March! :)

No Sunday Gaming Session, Once More

After speaking with Tammy and spross this morning, we've decided to call off the gaming session of Yggdrasill for today.

While I'm not feeling all that bad this morning, I am having bouts of nausea and am still feeling a bit groggy. Coupled with the snow that's falling outside still, Tammy decided that she didn't want to come out since I'm not feeling 100%.

So, no Yggdrasill rpg this afternoon on the Sunday group. Again. *sigh*

R.I.P. Kate O'Mara (1939-2014)

Sad news today in the world of Doctor Who. Actress Kate O'Mara has died at the age of 74.

Dynasty and Doctor Who Actress Kate O'Mara Has Died Age 74

Born Frances M. Carroll, Kate O'Mara was an English film, stage, and tv actress best known for her work in the U.S. series Dynasty and her role as the evil Rani on Doctor Who and had a good career.

Sad news this.

Rest In Peace, Kate O'Mara. You will be missed.

Friday Night Game Report - Yggdrasill RPG Session 17

Here is the seventeenth session report on the Friday night Yggdrasill game campaign. This session was played on Friday, the 21st of March, but that was the weekend my laptop died, so I couldn't post it up that week. You can read about the previous session of the campaign in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.

Collapse )

This was a remarkably wonderful session of the </i>Yggdrasill</i> game for a variety of reasons. I've already commented generally about the game session in this journal entry, but just want to add a few more thoughts here. This game session had the in media res business at the beginning of the session, but became a more roleplaying oriented game night as it went on, the players stating they rather enjoyed the interaction between themselves and the fokl of Havnor. For me that was really special, as to be honest, I like the interaction between the player characters and the others that they meet in this system, where Norse culture is really wonderful to watch. The budding relationship between Angela's Sigrun Evardsdottir and Ranulf Beinirsson will be interesting to see develop, I suspect.

All in all, a wonderfully enervating game session of Yggdrasill. Like I said, looking forward to next week's game session, assuming the March weather permits.