April 2nd, 2014

Of Doctor and Dentist Appointments

Just got home from a very tiring day at doctor's offices.

As most folks know, I've been feeling like crap the last little while, not helped by stress over a stupid roleplaying game, but I've tried to get on with Real Life(tm) such as it is.

Today was all right in the morning, as work was pretty simple, but I had to go to the doctor's office for a regularly scheduled appointment.

I left work, and went to the doctor's office for the appointment at 2:00 pm. It turns out my doctor has had a skiing accident, and had surgery on his lower left leg. Three hours of surgery to repair the damaged bone, two steel plates, and all sorts of other stuff. He's got a leg cast and a boot to wear over it, as well as crutches, and... Needless to say, I was surprised that he's at work given he's got to be in the cast/crutches mode for the next two months.

Anyway, the appointment was supposed to be about the two MRIs that I've had the past weeks (the 22nd and 29th of March), but needless to say the results on the MRIs are not in yet. So the appointment was pretty much a waste of time. He took a quick look at my left leg and ankle, saw that I've got what appear to be varicose veins there as well, and that was that. And had me book another appointment for a week later. Just great.

I haven't talked about it in the blog, but I've been having some problems with my teeth, and was worried that I'd seemingly broken a tooth a day or so ago. In any event, after leaving the doctor's office, I called the dentist to see if he could see me that afternoon. I was told that if I could get there by 3:00 pm or so, he'd be able to fit me in right away. Anyway, long story short, I managed to get to the dentist's office with moments to spare.

Turns out that I did break a tooth. The good news is that it's one where I've had a root canal. The post element is fractured. He managed to give me a fix for that, and after taking another set of x-rays, said that he needed to think and then decide what he wants to do with that. In the meantime, he told me that my teeth are quite worn down, around six of them needing to be bonded. The dentist suggested that I get fitted for a night guard, and then worry about the bonding and all. Some more stuff to think about.

More doctor fun. Oh joy, oh bliss.

Oh, and in other news, the damn roleplaying game from the Kickstarter that I've been waiting for still hasn't arrived. Chances are I'll be able to pick it up in a gaming store in Ottawa before I get my copy of the game that should have arrived late last month. Nuts! :<