April 26th, 2014

Gaming Last Night with the Friday Group

I woke up this morning somewhat tired after the gaming session last night. I didn't get to bed until close to 1:15 am, but it was a good night.

I had a lovely time gaming with the Friday night gaming group. They started their Atlantis: The Second Age RPG campaign, and had a good time with it. Atlantis: The Second Age is a really solid game with the game world offering all kinds of options for what style of sword & sorcery fantasy game one wants to play. I'll blog more about it later, more likely when I get a chance, but for now, I'm still tiredly relaxing over a cup of (decaf) coffee after eating breakfast.

Reminder: Atlantis: The Second Age RPG Mailing List on Yahoogroups

Since the new version of the Atlantis: The Second Age RPG from Khepera Publishing is out and available in stores, I thought that I would post this reminder.

For those who are interested, there is a mailing list on Yahoogroups devoted to the game.

The URL of the mailing list is


Please note that the mailing list requires the Moderator's approval to join up, but the Archives are viewable to the public, and I'll only moderate messages and behaviour after that as needs be. And in my experience, the fans and devotees of the game are pretty good-natured and kind by heart. I look forward to seeing folks on the list.

See you on the island of Mu!