June 28th, 2014

A Warm, Humid Saturday

Saturday morning. The start of the weekend, in this case a long one for some folks, depending on what they've done, as Canada Day is on Tuesday.

One of the things I sometimes regret about gaming on Friday nights is the fact that we game somewhat late, somewhere around midnight to a quarter to one, usually. I pretty much always feel tired on Saturdays, since I don't sleep in late. (When you get up around 5:15 am every weekday for work, what exactly is "late" anyway?)

Last night's gaming session broke up around midnight. When I woke up this morning, around 7:00 am, I felt pretty worn out. The fact that it was already warm outside, and the humidity was already at the equivalent of 29oC, made me feel somewhat more uncomfortable. I just felt sapped of energy, felt somewhat lethargic, though after breakfast and showering, I did feel somewhat better.

In any event, I went out around 9:15 am to do some grocery shopping, primarily for veggies for salads and snackage, and also picked up some ice lollies as well. I was glad I had taken a bottle of water with me, as the heat and humidity is already quite high out there. I may actually take a sitz bath or a shower again when I've finished writing this pair of blog entries. I'll see how I feel.

Altantis Game on a Friday Night

As mentioned in the previous post, I gamed with the Friday night gamers last night.

I'm currently running the Atlantis: The Second Age RPG (the current version published by Khepera Publishing, not the previous edition published by Morrigan Press back in 2005), and am enjoying the game quite a bit. I'll blog the game session once I manage to transcribe stuff later today, so for those looking forward to that, keep your eyes open. :)

The players arrived last night around 7:15 pm, so we started gaming after some small talk, discussing what had happened in the previous session, and just relaxing for a few minutes. The game session was pretty enjoyable for everyone playing, as the players' Heroes are involved in a mystery involving some tomb desecrations, so there's a good deal of roleplaying going on at the moment (something the Friday night players enjoy a lot more than just combat stuff, though they appreciate that as well). The group has some suspicions of what's going on right now, though I won't confirm here whether they're right or wrong. :) There was a little skirmish with some rabble (nothing the Heroes couldn't handle, though it got the players' adrenalin flowing for a bit).

We finished gaming just after midnight, and the players admitted that they're regretting that I won't be GMing again until after July, as they're rather caught up in the game at the moment. (But they understand my need to take somewhat of a break, and get in some playing for a little bit.) Overall, I'm finding this version of Atlantis: The Second Age to be really enjoyable, the game system and mechanics being relatively simple and not getting in the way of roleplaying, and the game world keeping my interest. If I have any regret about the game at the moment it's that I don't have my physical copy of the Atlantis: Geographica yet, as I don't want to have to refer to the PDF version on the computer.

In any event, I'm looking forward to continuing the game in August. :)

Friday Night Game Report - Atlantis: The Second Age RPG Session 9

As promised, the latest game session blog entry.

Here is the latest journal entry about the Friday night Atlantis: The Second Age game from last night. You can read about the previous game session in this journal entry here. This post is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.

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As noted in the previous post, the Friday night game of Atlantis: The Second Age went pretty well, I thought. I will add here that the scenario right now is in the investigative part, I guess you could call it, but that in sword & sorcery tradition, the fighting and violence will show up sooner rather later. :) I won't be running the game again for around a month ('cause I'll be getting to play some rpg or other, I hope!), but the players are definitely looking forward to getting back to it. And they're glad they've taken a few notes about the plot and all! :)

Time for a cup of hot tea!