July 1st, 2014

A New Month

It's the 1st of July. A new month. And I have to say that I'm quite grateful for this.

I can't say that the first six months of 2014 have been great. There have been some really good moments in the first half of the year, but I've had some health issues that have seriously hampered my ability to enjoy life this first part of 2014. That said, I can't say that it's been a truly rough ride, though there are some changes ahead of me that are sure to be interesting, but also somewhat terrifying, in the next six months. So I'm pretty content to put the first half of 2014 behind me.

This month starts with my birthday, has the Ottawa RBC Royal Bank Bluesfest from July 3rd to the 13th, and a few other events and stuff that should make the month busy in its own way. I don't have any plans to go to GenCon Indy this year, or any other gaming conventions for that matter, simply because a) it's not in the budget, b) I'm not sure I want to go to any large gaming cons in the future; and c) if possible, I'd rather put money into an actual vacation somewhere that I want to go. We'll see what shapes up in terms of the latter as the next couple of months go by.

While I've got nothing on the go with editing, proof-reading, or writing stuff on the RPG front, the month of July is looking pretty positive gaming-wise. Nick will hopefully be running something starting on Friday night, and spross has promised that he'll be running Atlantis: The Second Age starting this coming Sunday. So I'm looking forward to that. I may not go without GMing during the month as well, as mentioned in this blog post, but that remains to be seen.

Like I said though, the first half of the year is done. Time to move on.

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Birthday, Canada!! :)

Today is Canada Day. I want to wish all my Canadian LJ friends a very happy, very safe, Canada Day. Go out there and celebrate our country and the fact that we are unique and diverse. Just remember to play safe! :)

Happy Birthday, Canada. :)

Canada Day Trivia

In honour and celebration of Canada Day, I thought I would offer some trivia on things Canadian today:

"O Canada" was commissioned by Théodore Robitalle, the Lieutenant Governor of Québec, for Saint Jean Baptiste Day in 1880. While it has been sung since 1880, it wasn't proclaimed Canada's National Anthem until 1980.

The Canadian Flag was inaugurated on February 15th, 1965 at an official ceremony on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

Queen Victoria selected Ottawa as the capital of Canada, then a province, in 1857.

Canada is a name derived from the Iroquois word "kanata", meaning a "village" or "settlement".

There are three oceans that touch Canada - the Atlantic on the east, the Pacific on the west, and the Arctic to the north.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms was included in the Constitution Act in 1982. Unlike the majority of democratic countries whose basic law derives from one document, Canada's basic law derives not only from a set of documents known as Constitution Acts, but also a set of unwritten laws and conventions.

The name of the highest mountain in Canada is Mount Logan. However, having said that, on October 4, 2000, Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien announced that Mount Logan would be renamed Mount Pierre Elliott Trudeau. After a public outcry against the idea, it was decided to keep the name Mount Logan. Sir William Edmond Logan was one of Canada's greatest surveyors and scientists. Without getting political here, for many people the issue was not so much whether or not Trudeau deserved it, but more the importance of retaining the history of Canada which is too often forgotten.