July 7th, 2014

Lousy Early Monday Morning

I have spent an absolutely miserable night.

I've had terrible foot spasms of pain that have allowed me to sleep in fits and naps, and then around 3:20 am I have had very horrible, very bad diarrhea accompanied by fast and rapid churning in my stomach and lower abdominal area.

On top of everything else, my head (sinus?) aches and is quite blocked, and I feel... ughh.

I'm feeling exhausted, drained, and sore, and the foot spasms haven't stopped. Lying down makes them worse, and walking just hurts.

Lousy early Monday.

Sick Day Monday

As per my previous blog entry, I spent an absolutely miserable night (and no, I'm not going into what happened last night again).

Suffice to say, when I woke again around a quarter to 7, I called work and let the boss know that I was taking a sick day. He wasn't too upset about this, as I'd done a large chunk of work during last week's weird week of holidays.

In any event, I went back to bed for a while, had a relatively light breakfast, and have slept some more this morning.

No plans for the rest of the day.

Sunday Afternoon Session of Play

Spent yesterday afternoon, Sunday, playing with the Sunday afternoon gaming group.

And as with the Friday night group, I actually mean that I *played*. spross is running a game of the Atlantis: The Second Age RPG (although how long he will run the game is another matter, given his track record), Tammy and I actually sat together on the other side of the GM Screen (so to speak) yesterday, and engaged in character creation for the game.

I have to say that creating a character for Atlantis from the other side of the GM Screen is a bit tougher, and is also dependent on the experience of the GM running the game. While spross did an all right job for the game, both Tammy and I struggled somewhat with the player characters that we created for the game. I can't speak for Tammy's character, but here's a bit about my character.

I planned on creating a Scout character, and decided to make him a gypsy type from the nation (and culture) of Oggia. Things went pretty smoothly and much as I expected...until I hit the Life Path stage of the process. While I managed to get a decent Upbringing (Savage) out of the process, the Childhood Encounter (instrumental in stopping a coup) and the Family Status (family on the rise) were not what I was expecting, and the Previous Adventure results came out rather uninspiring and made my character much older than I wanted (Tammy had the same problem with the Age business). Anyway, suffice to say, my character Bodhan the Green or Green Bodhan (I haven't decided which yet) isn't what I expected him to be, but he's pretty good with a bow (his Weapon (Ranged) skill is +12, without his CR value), not shabby with a sword (Weapon (Melee) is +7), and can dodge attacks quite nicely (Evade +10, and a DEX of +4). I didn't up his Stealth too much, since Tammy is playing a thief, and I'm regretting that decision, and the same goes for the Tracking/Shadowing skill.

I still haven't quite figured out a background to tie all the Life Path elements and the Disadvantages and the like together yet, though I am pretty happy with the Destiny and Fate that I came up with for the character. This character's going to be a bit of a challenge to play, as I'm not really thrilled by the various Life Path aspects, so we'll see what happens.

While I haven't got any plans to post the character up here to the LJ blog, if there's enough requests and demands to do so in the Comments of my LJ, I'll certainly change my mind on that.

Looking forward to playing the character, and seeing what spross comes up with for us in running the game. It'll be interesting to seeing how he chooses to run Atlantis: The Second Age RPG.