July 26th, 2014

Morning Shopping

A nice, comfortable Saturday morning in the Ottawa valley, though it is going to warm up somewhat this afternoon.

I've been a busy beaver this morning.

Aside from the stuff I've done around the house, and taking a very early morning walk (despite the pain in my left ankle and leg), I've just gotten back from Farm Boy. I needed to pick up some vegetable and other staples, and also picked up stuff for tonight. I bought bean sprouts, snow peas, water chestnuts, bok choy, garlic, ginger, onions, green and orange peppers, and some beef for a stir fry for supper this evening.

Looking forward to that. :)

Friday Night's HEX Gaming, Part 3

Another enjoyable gaming session last night. I'm having a lot of fun playing in a game this month. :)

Nick continued to run the Hollow Earth Expedition adventure that he's currently got going, and once more, I had a terrific time gaming, being on the same side of the table as Tom, Kathy, and the others for a change. You can read about the previous game session in this blog entry.

Everyone arrived for the game around 7:15 pm or so, so once Nick had set up his side of the GM Screen, we got around to gaming. Captured by the Nazis and taken into their base, we were interrogated, threatened with torture (which never happened, thank Goddess!), learned what their true purpose was, and managed to escape through Joanne's character's "side skills". We had to fight a couple of velociraptor guards, and I took one down with a wrench (and a few handy Style Points!), and then made our escape, rejoining the tribe that had given us away. Convincing the shaman that he'd been working on the wrong side, with some of the evidence Kathy's character acquired in the Nazi base, the tribesfolk agreed to help us thwart the Nazis' plans. Another couple of fights to get into the Nazi base later, we recovered most of our gear and went to confront the Nazi in charge, Major Hermlich. And that's where the scenario wrapped up for the night.

I'm pretty pleased with the way my character, Archibald ("Archie") Weatherby, has come across in the scenario, and am happy he's been able to make himself useful. Got a bit hurt in the dust up with the velociraptor, though some Style Points and tribal healing got that all worked out. Fun session, very action/adventure oriented with some good roleplaying. I'm looking forward to what seems to be the last session of the game next Friday night. Perhaps I can talk Nick into continuing after that? <g>