August 3rd, 2014

Sunday Morning

Good morning, world.

Had a pretty relaxed and easy Saturday for the most part.

After doing the various grocery shopping stuff in the morning, I came home and did some reading and a bit of house cleaning during the afternoon. Then went out and saw the Guardians of the Galaxy movie last night at South Keys with friends. It was a fun movie, with plenty of craziness, though I thought it was a bit longer than it should have been. Fun stuff.

Came home and watched a bit of television before crashing to bed around 11:45 pm.

Woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning.

Looking forward to this afternoon's game of Atlantis: The Second Age being run by spross as this will be the last game I get to play in for a while. So I better make the most of it, and just enjoy the afternoon and all that.

RPGaDAY in August - August 3rd: First RPG Purchased

We continue on with RPGaDAY in August. (Check out the link to find out what it's all about.)


Day 3 – First RPG Purchased

Hmm, now this one is a tough one.

I know that when I ran Chainmail, I was able to borrow the copy of the game off one of the other folks who'd bought the game. He later gave that copy of the book to me to keep, no strings attached (well, other than I was supposed to run it), so I guess that doesn't count as my first RPG purchased. The very first game that I purchased was actually the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons in 1977 or 1978, iirc.

Sadly, I no longer have that game, as it was destroyed in a fire that struck the place where I was living in 1985, and I lost a whole bunch of other stuff that meant much more to me at the time. That said, I didn't run AD&D for all that long, as I came across a copy of RuneQuest in mid-1979 and ran that before I became involved in the playtesting of SPI's DragonQuest game system and then ran that for... well, a very long time. :)

Sunday Afternoon's Atlantis Gaming, Part 4

I spent this afternoon (Sunday) playing in the Atlantis: The Second Age that spross is running. You can read about the previous session in this blog entry.

For the most part, I had an enjoyable afternoon of gaming, though once more spross was up to his neck in it.

Collapse )

I'm glad that I got the chance to get some playing in during the course of July and the first week of August, but now that he's finished up running the game scenario he ran, I'll be running again starting this coming week (I've got three games to run this week, since the Wednesday night group will be back in action this week). While I'm looking forward to getting back behind the GM Screen "full time", I do wish I could get to play a bit more often in the course of a year.

Not really sure what I want to run next Sunday afternoon, but we'll see.

In the meantime, I need to figure out what to make for the evening meal.