September 6th, 2014

Afternoon Accomplishments, and the Price to Be Paid

Today has been an absolutely brutal day.

spross dropped over in the lunch time period, and we went over to Harvey's and I had a simple Angus burger with a bottle of water.

From there, it was over to Staples, as I needed to do some printing of the Abney Park's Airship Pirates RPG character sheets. While I was there, I also needed some loose lined paper, and snagged 900 pages of that for $0.68! Yep, the back-to-school special!

We then went over to the pharmacy that we both go to, and SteveR picked up a diabetes test meter with all the accoutrements that go with that.

So, overall, it was a good day in terms of accomplishments. However, it was not without its toll being paid. spross dropped me off at the house, and I almost collapsed to be honest. Both my legs were hurting bad, the foot with mangled toe was hurting even worse, and I was having a bit of dizziness and the like. And to make matters worse, I felt somewhat nauseous and rather poorly in the abdominal regions. Not to mention the leg and hip pain.

I lay down and took a nap, and when I awoke I was still feeling somewhat out of it, and very, very hurting. I had a bottle of water, with a few carrots. And that made me feel somewhat better.

That said, I don't like being me right now. :(