September 12th, 2014

A Cold Morning

It is days like this that I am glad to have hot tea when I get in to the office for work.

I woke up this morning to a temperature outside of around 4oC (39.2oF), with a bit of a wind chill due to the (cold) wind that was gusting out there somewhat. Brrrr!

By the time I got in to the office, it was up to a balmy 7oC, though it's expected to reach a high today of 15 degrees, but who knows how that will feel if the wind continues.

In the meantime, I came in to the comfortable warmth of the office, and put on a cup of herbal berry tea to warm my bones somewhat.

I guess autumn is here. Finally.

Getting Ready for Friday Night Gaming

Came home from work and managed to do a bit of work for the game session this evening. Even got in some reading not game related! Yay for me! :)

I took a bit of a nap for about forty five minutes (put on the mobile phone alarm clock), and I feel somewhat refreshed. Definitely don't have the headache that I did, which is a good thing, and I did a bit more stuff around the house.

I'll be running Atlantis: The Second Age with the Friday night group this evening, which I am looking forward to quite a lot.

Time to head upstairs and make some supper before gaming tonight.

Have a good evening, folks.