November 25th, 2014

Sunday Afternoon Game Report - a|state Character Creation, Redux

Oops. I've been so tied up with a few things related to Real Life(tm) that I forgot to post this up on Monday.

As noted this weekend, the Sunday group played the a|state RPG this past weekend, creating their characters for the game. Well, going through the process of character creation and re-creating their characters for the game, although this was less the case for Tammy than for spross. I had no problem with this, though I was somewhat concerned that Tammy would get frustrated with spross if he were to make changes or alterations to the character, but things went better than I expected.

Once the players showed up by about 1:00 pm, we talked about stuff in general for a few minutes, and then got down to the business. I started things off, as I did with the Friday night group, going through the basics about the world of a|state and The City, answered the questions the players had, and then got down to character creation, starting with the 17 questions that the game posits as a good starting point for character creation and a Character Concept. Character generation, as noted elsewhere on my blog, in the a|state game system is a bit more complex than some systems, but the players have been through it before. spross needed to rethink some of the basics about his characters during the Character Concept phase, and Tammy was pretty patient with him, even helping him out by making suggestions and giving him some food for thought about a few things. The process took a bit longer than I would have liked, but I think that both players are now happy with their characters.

The player characters for the game should be interesting, though I'm not sure yet how I'll tie them together in-game.

spross - Steve re-created his character, Tucker Harris, a Provost in Folly Hills, who has serious guilt issues, a drinking problem, and some enemies that you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley anywhere in The City.

Tammy - Tammy is playing Megan "Mouse" Owens, an antiquities hunter from Folly Hills, whose entire family was killed in a deliberate explosion that destroyed the family home.

As noted, spross had to do a major overhaul of some of the character background to make it consistent and give his character a tidier personality, so the process went a bit longer than I might have wanted. He got somewhat frustrated with the process several times, and that really hinders him when he's creating a character. Since both characters haven't purchased their starting equipment and gear as yet, part of next Sunday's game session will be spent dealing with that. Both players seemed content with their characters when it was done, and I'm rather looking forward to seeing how the game campaign evolves with these two characters.