November 27th, 2014

Happy U.S. Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all my friends and everyone down in the United States today.

Turkey Day means you're all going to get stuffed with roast bird and all, but it's also a day for being thankful for all the things in life that you have - family, friends, and other stuff.

Enjoy, all! :)

Thursday Morning Meanderings

What a difference a good night's sleep makes!

Last night, I managed to get a good 6.5 hours sleep in before the alarm clock woke me up, and to be honest, I feel pretty good this morning, though I've got a few of the normal body aches and pains that I've had the last little while. My blood glucose is still not at my target number, so this means I'll be increasing the Lantus dose by another unit tonight. Regardless, just feel a bit better today overall.

Gaming last night with the Wednesday group was pretty good, and I thought the players had a decent, fun time of it creating their characters for the a|state RPG. I'll blog about last night's session of character creation in a separate post, sometime later.

I'm leaving work around 11:45 am this morning, as I have a doctor's appointment early this afternoon. It's the regularly scheduled appointment with the GP, and there's a few things I want to go over with him, though I'm not expecting much. We'll see what he says about the insulin therapy, too. I need to grab a spot of food before heading for the doctor's office, first so...

Later, folks. :)

Wednesday Night Game - a|state Character Creation

As noted in two recent posts, Wednesday night the three gamers met up to start playing the a|state RPG campaign. We started the game campaign last night with a game session of character creation.

All three of the players showed up just before 7:00 pm, and so we were able to engage in some 10 minutes or so of catching up on the week and the like. Once that was done, the players and I got down to the process. Since none of the players had ever played the a|state RPG before (and all but Donna hadn't even heard of the game before), I found the procedure for creating the player characters a bit more intense than usual. That said, all three players were more than intrigued about the game system and the world of The City, and so I felt pretty much at ease.

I started off character generation for the a|state game by going through the basics of the game environment with the players, showed them the character sheets (which intimidated Kendall somewhat) and explained the basic concepts of the game mechanics, and then started to answer questions that the players had about various aspects of the game world and the character creation process. Once each player had a basic concept in mind, we started in on character specifics, and the 17 questions form that the game uses to get to the heart of player character background and personality. Donna, David, and Kendall found it challenging at first, but as they built up the backgrounds of their characters, they started to enjoy the process and bounce ideas off one another. By the time we got around to starting on the game numbers, the three players were in love with their characters and some of the basic elements of the game world (The City).

Overall, I think the players came up with three interesting characters for the game, but I'll let others be the judge of that for now. :)

Donna - Donna had given the idea of her character some thought during the previous few days, and created Belinda Koretz, a down on her luck stringer who dreams of getting a story that takes her back to the top. She's also got a couple of friends and enemies that were useful to her back then, but now resent her coming to see them all the time.

David - David really liked the various occupations, but settled on Farimar Timberbush, an ex-mikefighter now living in Folly Hills and earning his keep through odd jobs of various sorts, some legal and some not. He has a bad phobia of being trapped underground, and enjoys seeing new things that The City has to offer.

Kendall - Kendall didn't really hem and haw about what she wanted to play, but told me later that there were too many options she liked! In the end she settled on Hannah Overwater, a lostfinder born in Coldbath Fell to entrepreneur parents who wanted to find her brother, lost in the Contested Grounds, but has settled for a life in Folly Hills with her new friends. She has some interesting quirks that you readers will learn about during the game sessions, but also has an abiding hatred for those who harm children.

Because of the background info that we had to go through, the players didn't have enough time to finish off the characters' equipment and the like, but they all said that they had a good time, David remarking that the game struck him as having a lot of "clockwork potential" and Kendall telling me that I did a good job of getting the world of a|state across to them, and that she wasn't feeling intimidated by the system any longer. All three players are looking forward to playing the game.

And to be honest, I can't wait to run this game, either! :)