January 10th, 2015

Saturday Morning, Groceries, and Gaming

It is Saturday morning in the Ottawa valley, and I am awake, have eaten breakfast, and showered. I'm getting ready to go out with a friend and do a bit of grocery shopping. Because of the weather lately, I've not been able to pick up some of the food staples I need, and there's a shortage of veggies in my house right now that needs to be remedied.

In the meantime, the weather here in Ottawa is cold this morning, but not as uncomfortable as it's been the last few days, although my left ankle is throbbing with pain quite seriously. I'm hoping I can do the walking I need to do today and get things done.

Last night's game with the Friday night group went rather well, and the players enjoyed themselves quite a bit. a|state continues to be a game that I'm rather enjoying running, and as a Victorian character would say, "There's plot afoot!". I'll blog about the game session once I've transcribed my game notes and all. Expect them when you see them.

In the meantime, off to brave the cold of Ottawa on this sunny, bright day.

Game Registration for CanGames 2015

And so the gaming season is starting up again.

Last night, I received my notification from CanGames 2015 that they are looking for GameMasters, and the link to the form for submitting games for the convention. Other than the link being problematic, as it wouldn't open in e-mail direct to the browser, because of the non-URL seeming structure of the link, I took a look at the GM Forms, and they're not different really from last year's ones.

I've a good idea of what I'm going to run this year, though I'm going to have to start writing up one of the scenarios sooner rather than later. I will be submitting my planned adventures for the a|state RPG of industrial gothic sf with a Dickensian feel and the relatively new pre-Singularity science fiction rpg, River of Heaven to the convention sometime shortly. Once I've got confirmation from the convention about the running times for the games, I'll be blogging that information up here, you can be certain. :)

CanGames 2015 will be taking place at the Rideau Curling Club over the Victoria Day weekend, May 15th - 17th, 2015, here in Ottawa. Definitely looking forward to the convention this year. :)

Broadchurch Series 2 Airs Sunday Night!

Just been browsing the newspaper this afternoon, and saw in the TV Times listing that there's something to look forward to on tv on Sunday night.

The second series of the English show Broadchurch begins Sunday night at 10:00 pm on Showcase Canada. Hooray!

The first series of Broadchurch was absolutely brilliant, and spawned an American version of the series, renamed as Gracepoint, that didn't fare as well for a variety of reasons. Most of the cast from the first UK series are returning for the second run of it, though there will also be a batch of new faces as well.

I'm pretty surprised to see that the show is going to air here in Canada so quickly, given that it only started in the UK about a week or so ago. This is a nice surprise, to be quite honest.

Can't wait!

Friday Night Game Report - a|state Session 33

As mentioned earlier today, had a very good night gaming with the Friday night players last night. The players continued on with their campaign of the a|state RPG. You can read about the previous game session in this journal entry. Since this post is quite long, I've put it behind a cut for those who don't want to read about the roleplaying game campaigns that I'm running.

Collapse )

As mentioned earlier, Friday night's session of the a|state RPG campaign went pretty well, with the player characters making some head way in their investigations of various incidents, but the answers received leading to more and more questions. The players told me that they're having a good time with the adventure, and Mark was particularly looking forward to doing some more "bone crushing damage", though he said that even he has come to appreciate the lethality of the a|state combat mechanics.

Overall, a pretty good game session. I'm looking forward to continuing on with the game next week. Weather willing, of course.