January 12th, 2015

R.I.P. Brian Clemens (1931-2015)

Browsing the news sites this morning, and just came across the sad news in the U.K. entertainment side of things.

Brian Clemens has died.

Brian Clemens, creator of The Avengers and The Professionals, Has Died at Age 83

While the name may not be recognisable to a lot of folks on the North American side of the pond, Clemens was an English screenwriter and television producer best known for The Avengers and The Professionals, and is fondly remembered for some of the concepts he brought to television and some of the episodes and the like that he scripted for shows. A sad loss for the English entertainment industry.

R.I.P. Brian Clemens. You'll be remembered for your work.
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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - a|state Session 5

The Sunday afternoon gaming group continued on with their a|state RPG campaign yesterday, and it was a good game session, though different. You can read about the previous game session in this journal entry. Since this post is quite long, I've put it behind a cut for those who don't want to read about the roleplaying game campaigns that I'm running.

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Sunday's game session of the a|state campaign was a pretty good one, and I had a good time running it, though it was a bit unusual. The session consisted of something of an interlude in the action, necessitated by spross's character's serious injury that required several days to heal, thus leading to a lull in the action. Still enjoyable for the most part, though I suspect Tammy wasn't pleased at the session and spross may have felt somewhat frustrated a bit. Just another lesson that one should avoid having one's characters being seriously hurt in the game. All sorts of other consequences to such events...

In any event, I'm rather looking forward to the next session of the Sunday afternoon game of a|state. Hopefully the players are as well.

Finished Event Submission for CanGames 2015

As noted in this journal entry, I received my CanGames 2015 notice for submitting any rpg events that I want to run this year at the convention, scheduled for May.

Well, I sent the last of the GM forms with the games I want to run this year at CanGames with the game descriptions and times I would like to run my events at the convention last night, so now it's just a matter of getting the gaming material ready for the convention. I've received my notice that the three forms (for the three games that I want to run) have been sent and received, so... When I hear back on the games and the times I've set up being confirmed, I'll definitely blog about them here.

For those who want to know, I'll be running three game sessions at this year's CanGames event. I'm planning to run one session of the a|state industrial gothic science fiction rpg with strong Dickensian elements to it at the convention, and I'll be running two sessions of the River of Heaven hard science fiction pre-Singularity roleplaying game as well. This means that I won't be running the Atlantis: The Second Age or Primeval RPGs this year at the convention, though if someone else is, I wouldn't mind trying to get into those games! :)

a|state will be an interesting game to run at the convention, as it's a game that has such a unique gaming environment in the The City itself, which is a living, breathing extra character in one's game, but it can be pretty grim and dark. That said, it uses a d100 game system, and is really easy to get into with one's abilities. I've just finished writing the basic version of the scenario for the game, and it promises to be entertaining, focuses on what I believe makes the a|state RPG so neat, and will be a lot of fun for the players who decide to get into this one. River of Heaven, on the other hand, is a game system that's just come out in paper form (and I still don't have my copy of it yet). This is a science fiction roleplaying game set in the 28th Century that has all sorts of cutting edge technology and the like in it, and is partially inspired by the Revelation Space series of books by Alastair Reynolds. The game also uses a d100 game system, OpenQuest, modelled on the BRP system (and often referred to as BRP Lite). The two scenarios that I plan to run are official scenarios released for the game (the second of which isn't available as yet, but will be shortly), and both give a really good idea of what the River of Heaven RPG is like.

So I hope I'll see some of you at CanGames 2015 this year, and playing in the games I'm GMing there.