January 14th, 2015

Wednesday Morning Thoughts

It's another brutally cold day here in the Ottawa valley. On the other hand, it's very bright out there because of the sun and the reflections off the snow.

Today promises to be a busy day here at work, so I'll definitely be tied up with stuff until noon. After that, I have an appointment at the Riverside Hospital Diabetes Clinic
with my dietician. While my blood glucose levels are down and stabilising somewhat now due to the insulin, they're not as low as they should/need to be (depending on who you talk to), so I hope that the meeting with the dietician will give me some good advice in this regard, and that she can make some suggestions on some foods, recipes, that sort of thing.

This evening should be a good one. I'll be running the a|state game tonight, continuing on with the campaign that the Wednesday night players are currently playing. They've not been able to play a lot of the game as yet, due to weather and time constraints, so this should be an enjoyable game session this evening.

Just really hope that there's a break in the weather and that it warms up (relatively speaking) somewhat and soon.

Appointment with the Dietician Thoughts

Just got home from work from my appointment with the dietician at the Diabetes Clinic.

It was pretty much what I expected it to be, to say the least, though there were a couple of surprises.

First off, the dietician took a look at my blood sugar readings, and told me that they're exactly what are expected of them after a mere two months on insulin therapy.

We talked at length about some of the typical meals I've eaten over the last couple of months, and she discussed with me the need to eat certain food groups and foods within the food groups that are necessary for good health. We talked about some of the foods to avoid, as well as some of the foods that have moderate benefits without affecting the sugar levels too much. She is also a diabetic nurse, so we also discussed some of the way that foods affect one's blood glucose levels, as well as the expected effects of Lantus in the long term, and I came to several realisations about stuff that I suspect I've been aware of but hadn't thought consciously about. She gave me some suggestions on some carb substitutes as well as a few recipes to try out that might appeal to my tastes.

The appointment went very well over the course of the hour, 15 minutes that I saw her for, and I'll be seeing her in clinic again when I come back for my appointment near the end of February with the endo.

A good appointment, methinks.

My Copy of River of Heaven Has Arrived!

Got home from work, the diabetes clinic appointment, and lunch in that order to find a nice surprise in my postal box.

My copy of the River of Heaven RPG has arrived. I offer a couple of (not great) photographs as proof. :) The book looks absolutely fabulous (even if my photography is not), and I'm really looking forward to running the game.



Gaming is On for a Wednesday Night

I heard from the Wednesday night gamers around 5:15 pm to confirm that they were coming out to game this evening.

The three players will be continuing on with their first a|state scenario, and I'm rather looking forward to this game, as they haven't really got far in terms of the campaign so far what with weather, the Season's holiday period, and so forth.

In the meantime, I've got to head upstairs and make some supper for myself and then get ready for the evening's gaming.

Have a good night, folks. :)