April 15th, 2015

NHL Playoffs Begin Tonight

It's Wednesday morning in the Ottawa valley.

While it's a work day today, there's also the start of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs to consider beginning today too.

If you had said to me two months ago that the Ottawa Senators would make the NHL Playoffs I would have laughed in your face, claiming you were optimistic, even though they're the team I love and watch whenever I get the chance. But the Senators went on that incredible run with rookie goaltender Andrew Hammond leading the way with a 20-1-3 record (or something like that), and now find themselves getting ready to open the best-of-seven series against the Montreal Canadiens tonight.

I don't know if the Senators can keep up the pace and the performance that they've established the last 30 or so games, but I really hope that they take the Habs to the limit, and maybe can eke out the series win against Montreal.

All I know for sure is that I'm going to be watching the Sens in action, and rooting for them.

Go, Sens, Go! :)