April 20th, 2015

Monday Morning, Rain, House Repairs, and Gaming

A gloomy, depressing dark and rainy day outside this morning. Not a great way to start the work week. On the other hand, may have been fitting, given the Ottawa Senators loss to the Montreal Canadiens put them down in their series 3 games to 0.

Between the cold and the wet outside, my bones ache (as well as other parts of me that shall remain nameless), but I have come in to work and the walking and a cup of hot chai have made me feel infinitely better. Work is busy once again, but I will not be at the office for the full work day, as I've got a plumber coming to the house between 1 and 5 pm today. The kitchen sink is absolutely blocked, and no amount of Draino or other stuff has worked, and plunging it seems to have made it worse. Add the up to 30 cms of rain falling today and tomorrow, and well...the plumber seems like a wise idea.

Gaming yesterday with the Sunday group was... all right. We were scheduled to play Atlantis: The Second Age, and while things went pretty well during the samples of combat, other issues arose with spross's character (seemingly as per usual), and so he will be doing a re-write of said character some time in the (hopefully) near future.

For now back to work...and perhaps another hot drink.

The City Guide to Atlantis Sampler

Over on the Atlantis: Geographica Kickstarter (and in a couple of other places), Jerry D. Grayson has posted up a link to a sampler of the City Guide to Atlantis.


Looks absolutely brilliant. Just in the Sampler alone, the ideas for adventures are just oozing off the pages. Lovely, evocative artwork, some very nice maps for the city (it looks like), and just good quality and production. The book will be 120 pages in length when it comes out, and I think it will set a bar in terms of production of city related sourcebooks.