June 5th, 2015

Friday Morning Thoughts

It's Friday morning. The end of the work week is in sight.

Yes, I haven't blogged in three days or so. Nothing much to say, and to be honest just trying to deal with the stuff life has thrown at me lately.

As mentioned in previous blog entries, I've worked from home this week since Tuesday, and to be honest, the problems with my sciatica and the bulging disc are somewhat better. The pain's not as intense, and the swelling seems to have gone down somewhat, so this is a good thing. :)

Work itself has been going relatively well, and the new translation job is well on its way to starting sometime early next week.

In the meantime, I've not done a lot of gaming over the last little while (as folks who read my blog may have noticed), but that will change this evening. (More on that in a separate post.) That said, I did get some gaming in yesterday after work, as I've got a new player joining the Sunday gaming group this week. Peter is an acquaintance who wanted to join the Sunday group a couple of years ago, and while we did create a character for him, work stuff prevented him from gaming with us, but he recently got in touch with me again about gaming. Yesterday, Peter popped in on me at home after work, and he created a character for the Sunday Atlantis: The Second Age RPG that he'll be playing this weekend when he joins up with Tammy and spross. He created a thief character with some interesting background stuff going on, and will be a good addition to Tammy's mercenary and spross's adventurer.

Anyway, for right now, back to the work stuff. And another couple of pills.

Friday Night Gaming is On Tonight!

As mentioned, I've not done a lot of actual roleplaying since CanGames ended for various reasons (as folks who read my blog may have noticed), but that will change this evening.

The Friday night gaming group will be over tonight to play, and I'll be running the River of Heaven game once more this evening. Many of my friends and acquaintances have gone to the Origins Game Fair down in Columbus this week. I've been living vicariously off the tweets and photos that folks have been posting from Columbus this week so far, but that changes tonight.

I've been feeling rpg deprived of late, so I'm really looking forward to tonight's game!

Yay! :)

Getting Ready for Friday Night Gaming

Just finished taking care of some preparation work for tonight's gaming session.

The Friday gaming group will be playing the River of Heaven rpg campaign again tonight, and I'm quite looking forward to this. Since I haven't really roleplayed since before CanGames of this year, I'm quite in the mood for gaming tonight.

In the meantime, heading upstairs to make some supper. Pasta and meat sauce, with a nice side salad.

Have a good evening, folks. :)