June 13th, 2015

Friday Night Game Report - Atlantis: The Second Age RPG Session 15

Last night (Friday), the players from the Friday night group played another session of the Atlantis: The Second Age sword & sorcery game. This was their first session since last September, so there have been some personnel changes. You can read about the previous game session in this journal entry. This post is extremely long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.

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This game session of Atlantis: The Second Age was the first that I'd run in months, and went pretty well all things considering. With the departure of Nick, Tom, and Joanne from the gaming group, the group of player characters suffered a big shake-up, and introducing Mark's new character, Vaino (a lovely pun, to be honest) took up some of the time, as well as having to deal with the new group dynamics. This session was somewhat slow, due to several factors (none of which I'm going into), but the players told me that they had a good time of it, and that the laying down of the groundwork for what is to come seemed to be fine.

Overall, I had a good evening running this session of Atlantis: The Second Age, and am looking forward to the continuation of the adventure with the Friday gaming group.