June 21st, 2015

Father's Day

Today is Father's Day.

My own dad died when I was pretty young (around 13 or so), so I can't really celebrate today, of course.

However, I want to wish everyone a Happy Father's Day, and to take the time to be with your father today if possible, and to at least talk to your dad today by phone if you can't be in the same house with your dad. Treasure the time and the moments that you have with your father, because for some of us, well...the memories are all that we have left.

My best wishes to all the Fathers out there.

Now be good to your dad today. That is all.

Sunday Gaming Cancelled for the Day

Normally, I'd be gaming with the Sunday afternoon gamers today.

However, gaming is off for the day due to it's being Father's Day, and my players have other priorities in this regard. So there will be no Atlantis: The Second Age RPG gaming today, sadly.

So, if my abdominal cramps and bowel movements hold out, I'm thinking that perhaps I'll go and see the (relatively) new Jurassic World movie this afternoon. There's a 3:45 pm showing of the film in 2-D that I think I'll try and take in today.

Happy Birthday, doc_mystery!

Today is doc_mystery's birthday!

Just want to wish you a Happy Birthday, mate! :)

May the Goddess bless you with good health, lots of happiness and good cheer, prosperity, and may you find all the Pulpish goodness that you like and deserve for the forthcoming year!

Have a good one, mate! :)