July 16th, 2015

Wednesday Night Gaming

Just wanted to say that I had a good game session with the Wednesday night group last night.

My three gamers on Wednesday nights continued with their Atlantis: The Second Age game campaign last night, and had a pretty good time of it. We had a new, guest player join us for the game session, and s/he will joining the gamers until the end of the current adventure, so I would say 2 to 3 game sessions. You'll have to wait until I write up the blog on the game session to find out who the additional player was. hehe

Some Tired, Random Thoughts

It's Thursday morning.

I haven't done any flying, but boy am I tired.

Work has been quite busy this week, and between that and gaming and some of the preparation stuff for GenCon Indy in just under two weeks, I'm feeling really tired.

I just realised today that I've actually run 4 roleplaying game sessions, all Atlantis: The Second Age games, in the past 6 days. I have the Friday game session tomorrow and the Sunday game session on the weekend. That means I will have run 6 game sessions in 10 days. Man, is my imagination pooped!

For now, back to the office stuff. There's enough there to keep my mind more than occupied.