July 22nd, 2015

Of Work and Health

Had a long, difficult day at work yesterday.

Matters at the office are being complicated by a boss who is too stubborn to admit that the language translation project we're on is snafu-ed royally, and there's no way to get the project back on course or timeline.

Adding to this, I've been feeling somewhat ill since Sunday, and decided yesterday that I'd stop off and see the doctor if possible, though when I called the doctor's office, the replacement receptionist (while the usual one is on holiday) told me to come in any time before 3:00 pm. So that is what I did. And the news is not good. After checking my blood pressure and listening to my chest after I told him what the symptoms were, the doctor confirmed that I have a "somewhat bad" case of bronchitis. He prescribed a 5-day dose of Zithromax, which I went and picked up at the pharmacy, and took the two first-day pills with supper.

Hopefully the infection will clear up by the time I leave for Indianapolis on Tuesday. Should make going to the convention...interesting, if nothing else.

Wednesday Night Gaming Is On

Today is Wednesday.

Despite my health, the Wednesday night gamers have decided they want to play their regularly scheduled game session this evening. This means I will be continuing the Atlantis: The Second Age campaign with them this evening.

Looking forward to the game tonight. Just hope my voice holds out.