August 7th, 2015

A Tiring Friday

It's Friday morning, and the end of the work week (shortened by one day, due to the long holiday Monday on which I was still flying home from GenCon).

Work is work. Nothing more to add about that.

On the health front, the trip to Indy for GenCon may have given me some con crud after all, though I was ill with bronchitis before I went to the convention (and was taking antibiotics up through the Friday of the convention), but it could also be severe allergies (which seem to be all the rage this year). It may also currently be partially due to the severe case of acid reflux I had the other night (see this entry for more on that). Additionally, all that walking around that I did seems to have aggravated my left ankle condition somewhat more. While the swelling of the ankle was noticeable during the days and nights at GenCon, things eased off somewhat at night. But since the Sunday afternoon at the convention and the trip home from Indy, my left ankle has become much more swollen. I'm going to have to go back to physiotherapy for this, I think.

I haven't gotten enough sleep since I returned from Indianapolis, and am hoping to rectify that during the course of this weekend, and take some down time and just relax. Do some reading, catch up on a couple of things, and write some GenCon blog reports. And some gaming, I hope.

Friday Night Gaming Is On...Sort of II

I spoke to Kathy late this morning, and she told me that if I wanted to, gaming would be on for tonight. However, I won't have to run anything.

My goddaughter, Ellie, will be running a game tonight, continuing on with the Cadillacs and Dinosaurs game adventure that she started the week before I left for GenCon.

While I did get in a bit of gaming at GenCon, mostly playtests and demos and the like (see the forthcoming GenCon game reports for more on that), I'll be quite happy getting to play once more tonight.

Looking forward to it! :)