September 12th, 2015

Rainy Saturday Morning

Saturday morning.

It's cold and wet in the Ottawa valley, though the temperatures will warm up somewhat as the day goes on, but dear Goddess, I woke up and my bones were aching!

Gaming last night with the Friday night group was quite enjoyable. The players continued on with their Atlantis: The Second Age game campaign, and had a good night of it. I'll be blogging the game session once I get a chance to transcribe up my game notes from the adventure, but that will be later today if at all.

So far, the day has not been a good one for me. I woke up this morning after getting about 7-1/2 hours of rest, and... I don't feel like I've slept at all. Just feel tired and achy, and worn out. Hope I've not come down with some bug or other.

In the meantime, the rest of the day (such as it is) awaits.

Broken Water Main


Just to make my day even better...

As of 10:30 am or so, there's no water in my house. Apparently, a water main broke (no reason has been given as of this time), and the problem is being worked on. There is no indication of when this will be repaired, and I've no knowledge about this sort of thing so... When you are running to the toilet with diarrhea, as I am at the moment, this is not good, for a variety of reasons I'll leave to everyone's imaginations. :(

At least I was up very early this morning, so took my shower before the water main broke. But I guess there's washing of dishes and no doing a load of laundry today. *sigh*

A Tiring, Draining, Water-less Day

In light of the broken water main at the condo complex and the fact that there was no water, I managed to spend most of the day at my mother's place, and out and about courtesy of spross for the afternoon. I went with SteveR and did a bit of shopping at Business Depot (or whatever they're calling themselves these days) as I needed to pick up some plastic folders and sheet protectors as well as some binders. What better time to do so than during the sale that's on because of students heading back to schools and what not? Good prices.

spross dropped me off at the house to put the stuff we'd bought at the house, and then learning that they were still working, he dropped me off at my mother's place before heading for work. I decided to take mom out to supper this night, and we went to Brother Wu. While the Chinese food was pretty good (some mustard green soup, Hunan dumplings, moo she chicken, and sizzling beef platter) the service was...meh. The restaurant was pretty empty by the time we arrived (around 7:30 pm), but the staff (such as it was) seemed to be focused on take-out orders, largely ignoring the paying customers eating in the restaurant. Have to think long and hard about whether I want to go back there again in the (near) future.

By the time we got back to my place, the fellow informed me they were just about to turn the water back on, so it was good timing. I ran the taps for several minutes all over the house, to make sure the water was clean and clear.

I have since settled in, and finally gotten done some of the work for the Chill 3rd Edition tomorrow (Sunday), and am about to head down to the bedroom and take my insulin shot.

Tiring day, and just glad to have a functional home again. :)