October 13th, 2015

Tuesday Morning Thoughts

It's Tuesday morning. The day after Thanksgiving here in Canada.

It's a somewhat chilly, wet day with a nip in the air that is biting me to the bone (or at least it feels that way). Temperature is supposed to go up to 14</sup>o</sup>C this afternoon, and I really hope it reaches that high.

I'm back in the office this morning, and it's relatively quiet here. The boss is off at a couple of appointments of some sort, so I've got my calmness in effect for the morning at least, and the work here on the two translation projects seems to be going well.

While there's going to be a Chill 3rd Edition post from me later this morning about the new Kickstarter that's due to start today, I'll be spending most of the afternoon working on some stuff for the All For One: Régime Diabolique game today. (Got some ideas and other stuff that I want to jot down on paper.)

Meanwhile, back to the job(s) at hand...

My Thoughts on Thanksgiving Day Stuff

As noted in previous blog entries, yesterday was Thanksgiving Day here in Canada.

I had a pretty quiet, pretty stress less Thanksgiving day here in the Ottawa valley. After eating breakfast in the morning and showering, I had my constitutional walk for the morning, and then came home and did a bit of vacuuming on the main floor of the house. Relaxed after that, and did a bit of reading (I'm reading Jack McDevitt's The Devil's Eye, and quite enjoying the novel), and then did some lunch. Cleaned up the dishes.

I spent part of the afternoon transcribing and then blogging up the Sunday session notes for the game of Chill 3rd Edition, and then caught up on a couple of episodes of PVRed television. The rest of the afternoon was spent doing some work on a scenario for the All For One: Régime Diabolique RPG, and then prepping dinner. My mom came over for supper yesterday, and I made a fish supper with some basmati rice, vegetables, and an almond-based sauce. With a side salad, of course. Quite tasty. Mom went off to spend part of the evening with friends, and I put on a load (or two) of laundry, and then spent the evening watching The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on DVD and the special features (there weren't a lot of them) before washing the dinner dishes, and then getting ready for bed.

All in all, a quiet, restful Thanksgiving Day

Chill 3rd Edition SAVE Sourcebook Kickstarter

One of the highlights of the year in (roleplaying) gaming for me this year has been the release of the new, Chill 3rd Edition RPG. Well, today the folks at Growling Door Games have just launched the Kickstarter for the first supplement for the Chill 3rd Edition game, the SAVE - The Eternal Society (that's the title for now, I guess) sourcebook.

Here's the Kickstarter link: SAVE: The Eternal Society Kickstarter

This book promises to be quite a good little supplement, given the proposed content found on the Kickstarter page, but the real interesting part of this Kickstarter is the additional free cases (scenarios) that will be made available based on every group of 100 backers that the Kickstarter gets. It's an interesting way of handling this, and I really hope that the book gets a *ton* of backers.

So if you're a fan of the Chill 3rd Edition and/or have any interest in the SAVE: The Eternal Society sourcebook for the game, even if it's just as a reference book for other horror rpgs, please consider pledging for the sourcebook. And spread the word about the Kickstarter so that other folks can get in on this, and make more free scenarios a reality.

Thanks, folks. :)