November 1st, 2015

Start of November

It is a new month. November.

Or Movember, as it's also known, since a lot of men grow moustaches for the month as a means of supporting prostate cancer research and the like. (Since I have a moustache already, I guess I can just let it grow a bit longer, right? :) )

This month, unlike the usual Novembers of the past, doesn't have a lot of medical stuff ::knock on wood:: going on for me, which is a pleasant surprise. Other than a Footcare Clinic appointment near the end of the month, and that doesn't count as a proper doctor's appointment, does it? Though I may have to book a doctor's appointment this week, if my current health doesn't improve with the bug that I seem to have caught.

I'm also hoping that Old Man Winter decides to hold off somewhat in regards to the white stuff. I'd really appreciate that.

Chilling Out for the (Sunday) Afternoon

Another gaming today.

Just getting ready for the Sunday afternoon gaming session with Tammy and spross. They'll be continuing on with their Chill 3rd Edition RPG campaign this afternoon, starting a brand new scenario (what the game system calls a case). Looking forward to it.

This will be the third Chill 3rd Edition session that I've run in three days, with the Friday gaming group having played Friday and yesterday, and now the Sunday group this afternoon. Should be an interesting afternoon, methinks.

Anyway, better dash and get some lunch made.

Have a good afternoon, folks.