November 30th, 2015

Monday Morning Tiredness

Monday morning.

I'm back at work this morning, and am feeling exhausted. I got back from the wedding that I went to in Toronto late last night, and didn't sleep all that well due to some bowel problems. Feeling pretty tired this morning, as expected, but such is life.

This week promises to be one that will be a bit of a struggle. I've got to go for blood tests before I see the doctor the third week of December (the family doctor, not the endocrinologist), and I've also got an appointment with the gastro specialist coming up this month as well. To make matters more...interesting... I may have broken a tooth on the weekend, so am thinking of calling the dentist and booking an appointment to check into that. I'm also having problems with my feet, stuff that I'm not going to talk about here. So I'm feeling somewhat stressed out on top of the lack of sleep.

While I didn't game on Sunday afternoon, I did get in the Chill 3rd Edition game session on Friday night, and will blog about that session this afternoon once I get home and transcribe my game notes.

That will be either after or before I take a nap once I get home from work. *yawn* For now, though, it's back to work.

The Good Dinosaur Should Have Let Dinosaurs Evolve

I haven't seen the movie yet, since I've got to take my goddaughter to see the film, but Brian Switek offers his take on the film: The Good Dinosaur is a beautiful movie, but it squandered 66 million years of evolutionary history.

The Good Dinosaur Should Have Let Dinosaurs Evolve

That said, I've not read this blog review yet, but will do so when I've seen the movie.

Friday Night Game Report - Chill 3rd Edition Session 6

Got back from work about two hours or so ago, and was feeling very tired. Took a nap for a bit, and then transcribed the notes from Friday night's game session. Figured I would post them to the blog while I remember to do it and have the time. :)

On Friday night (November 27th), the Friday night gamers continued to play in their Chill 3rd Edition RPG campaign. Here are the game session notes. You can read about the previous session of the campaign in this journal entry. This blog entry is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.

Collapse )

Friday night's game session of the Chill 3rd Edition RPG campaign was pretty good, and I had a lot of fun with it. There was some interesting stuff revealed, a couple of bits of information that hadn't been unearthed yet (leading to more questions) came to light, and the players got into some excellent roleplaying. (It was rather neat to have DavidM, who's playing Constable Harkness, take on the role of the psychiatrist questioning David Williams.) Kathy commented, after her experience with the mural, that she knows there's something seriously bad there, but that the characters don't know exactly *what*. Angela had a light night of it (as she's been tired from working overtime), and was grateful to me for having most of her interaction that night with the other players and their envoys.

Overall, another good session of the Chill 3rd Edition campaign for a Friday night, though I was pretty tired when it was all over, and had to get up early. Looking forward to the next game session of the Friday night campaign.