February 19th, 2016

Friday Morning Thoughts

It's Friday! Yay!

The end of what feels like it's been a long week.

My feet are hurting like heck after yesterday's footcare appointment, but I guess it's a good kind of hurt.

Work this morning has been somewhat slow, as several of my fellow employees are off sick. There's a round of flu that has hit the office hard this month so far. Hope I don't catch it, but if I do, that it's a mild case and the flu shot I had back in late October mitigates it somewhat. For now, just keeping busy at the office and doing what has to be done work-wise before the weekend.

I'm not sure if gaming is on for tonight, as one of my players has a daughter who's very sick at the moment, and he may not make it out for gaming. Have to talk to the other players later today, and see what's on tap for the night.

Right now, though, a cup of hot tea sounds good. With a couple of tea biscuits. Then back to the job at hand.

But I am looking forward to the weekend.

Wednesday Night Game Report - DragonQuest Session 1

Wednesday night, the Wednesday night players started play in their DragonQuest RPG campaign. Here are the game session notes. You can read about the characters the players created in this journal entry. This blog entry is only somewhat long, but I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.

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Wednesday night's game session of the DragonQuest game was a good session, and a good start to the campaign. I spent about 40 minutes with the players doing samples of combat, since the graphic nature of combat in the game on the Tactical Display takes a bit of time getting used to. The players were somewhat surprised by this old school fantasy roleplaying game. In the sample combats, nothing quite like the party facing a pair of orcs, and realising they have the same number of hit points (well, the game uses Fatigue and Endurance) the player characters do. They used some interesting tactics to fight the orcs, especially when the Enchanter's sleep spell backfired! Once I started the actual scenario, with the characters travelling in the caravan towards the Barony of Carzala, some of the player characters' personalities started to emerge, much to the startlement of several of the players! The fight with the bandits was highly enjoyable on the part of the players, and they handled themselves well.

Overall, a pretty satisfying opening game session of the DragonQuest game campaign for the Wednesday night, and I'm looking forward to continuing this opening scenario. Can't wait for the next session! :)

No Gaming Tonight (Friday)

As noted in the blog entry this morning, I wasn't sure whether we'd be gaming today.

It is now official. Gaming is off for tonight. One of my players has a daughter who is quite ill at the moment (not my granddaughter, thank goodness), but Kathy is in the hospital for the weekend having a series of tests, so she and Ellie won't be out for gaming tonight, either. I spoke to the other players, and we've decided not to game this evening.

This means that I won't be running/continuing the current Chill 3rd Edition campaign scenario with the Friday night group this evening. So gaming with the Friday night players will have to wait until next week, I guess. *Le sigh*