March 30th, 2016

A Wednesday Morning

Wednesday morning. The half-way mark of the work week, except for the fact that I had Easter Monday off.

Had a bit of a rough night of it last night. I woke up from my dry mouth around 3:00 am, and had a bit of water and used some Biotene, and that seemed to do the trick. And then at 5:00 am, around half-an-hour before the alarm was supposed to go off, I woke up with nerve spasms in my left foot. Again. And they haven't stopped since. I just have to weather them out, with the help of some Aleve.

Sitting at the office working away on the new translation project that begins in a couple of days. Having to schedule meetings and handle resource management for the next two weeks.

It's going to be a very long day, methinks. Owww!

The Witch: Fated Souls RPG Has Arrived!

Got home this afternoon from work to find a pleasant surprise waiting for me.

My rather large package of the Witch: Fated Souls gaming material arrived from Holland, pretty much intact for the most part.

At the top you can see the GM Screen for the game, a lovely landscape screen that has a matte finish. Below that is the rulebook. And to the right of them is the box that holds the Devil's Deck, cards that are used with the game.

Great production values, from what I've been able to tell so far. Lovely packaging, and the content looks pretty nifty, too! :)

And it shipped from Holland in six (6!) days, including the Easter weekend!

Polaris RPG Yahoo Mailing List

The Polaris 3rd Edition RPG may not be out yet in its English edition, but...

For those who are fans or potential fans of the game, I've just launched the Polaris SF RPG Yahoo Groups mailing list. Here's the link:

Those who'd like to join the mailing list must be approved by the Moderator, but after that it's just a piece of cake (but not in the salt water, cake in salt water tastes horrible!).

So here's hoping that folks who see this post decide to sign up for the list, and join us in this post-apocalyptic underwater adventure.

Oh, and for those who don't know about the game or what it's all about, the Kickstarter for the Polaris 3rd Edition RPG still has six (6) days left to go. Here's the link to the Kickstarter.

Getting Ready for Wednesday Night Gaming

Got home from work, and spent the afternoon doing a bit of work on the DragonQuest RPG session for tonight, while sneaking desirous peeks at the Witch: Fated Souls book that's waiting read me!, read me! for me to read it.

After a quick nap, I did a bit of vacuuming upstairs and am now getting ready to run this evening's DragonQuest game session.

But first, some supper. A steak, methinks, and some couscous and a salad. Yep, sounds about right. :)

Have a good night, folks.