July 14th, 2016

Thursday Morning After

I woke up this morning feeling somewhat tired, but that's not surprising as I got very little sleep last night.

The weather, even at wake-up time, was already somewhat warm and humid, making things sticky, but I managed to get to the office all right.

I've got a lot of stuff on my mind after yesterday's vascular surgeon appointment, and in the meantime, I need to get on with the day and psych myself up for the appointment that I have tomorrow.

For now, work beckons.
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Joyeux Fete Nationale/Bastille Day

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my French and French-speaking friends and amis a very Happy Bastille Day! In France, it is known as La Fête Nationale (National Celebration) and commonly le quatorze juillet (the fourteenth of July).

Since French and U.S.A. independence are forever linked in history, celebrate Bastille Day with baguette, brie, and merlot!

Joyeux Fete Nationale, tous le monde! :)

Wednesday Night Game Report - Primeval RPG Session 9

Last night, the Wednesday night players continued their campaign of the Primeval RPG. Here are the game session notes for Wednesday night. You can read about the previous session of the game in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, and I’ve put it behind a cut so that folks who don’t want to read any detailed rpg posts don’t have to.

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Wednesday night’s game session of the Primeval RPG was one that I really enjoyed, and did a good job of distracting me from the various problems that I’m dealing with at the moment. The players had a good time, and did a bit of everything in this session. Donna, DavidW, and Kendall’s characters got to meet Crystal’s character for the first time, and I was looking forward to that meeting; it did not disappoint.:) The players had a good deal of fun roleplaying, both with the NPCs and with each other, and found the session intriguing.

Overall, a highly enjoyable game session of Primeval RPG, and the players quite enjoyed themselves. I did, too, and am looking forward to the next session.