July 23rd, 2016

Saturday Morning Musings

It's Saturday morning.

Another hot day in the forecast for the weekend, with not a lot of coolness in sight. I'm going to spend as much time indoors today as I can, and try to keep my left leg elevated. It's quite swollen as I type this.

Had a great session of the Primeval RPG with the Friday night group last night, and will blog about the game session later today.

Other than the pain and swelling in my left leg, I'm feeling pretty good, if a little bit tired. Got some other stuff that I need to do during the day, and there's a load or two of laundry waiting to be done as well.

Better go and shower, and then get on with stuff.

Friday Game Report - Primeval RPG Session 32

Last night, the Friday night gaming group continued on with their ongoing Primeval RPG game campaign. Here's the game session report. You can read about the previous session of the game in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, and I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.

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Friday night's game session of the Primeval RPG was a fun, action-filled game session that had the players both laughing and struggling for their lives somewhat. Filled with all manner of action and decent roleplaying, this was a game session where when we finished, several of the players said it was one of the best sessions they've had in a long time. I felt really good about that, let me tell you! The sequence in the lift shaft was one full of some good roleplaying moments, a bit of humour, and some close calls only alleviated by the use of Story Points. Angela told me that she was terrified the whole time her characters was facing the creature alone on Sub-Level B, but that she had a really enjoyable time doing it - though she was quite pleased when she literally slammed into the other characters in the lift!

Overall, a fabulous, entertaining evening of gaming in the Primeval RPG game system campaign. I'm quite looking forward to next Friday's game session!