December 5th, 2016

A Gaming Thought

After having gotten to play in DavidM's game on Friday nights and SteveR's game on Sunday afternoon a little bit now, I wish to offer these two thoughts.

1. My writing speed has slowed down somewhat.

2. When I try to write notes fast, my writing becomes messy and at times illegible. Even to me.

Sunday Afternoon Game - Thousand Suns, Session 1

Yesterday afternoon, the Sunday gaming group met up for their (semi-regular) game session at my place.

spross is currently running the Thousand Suns RPG of Imperial science fiction, and I was really looking forward to getting into the game. You can read the report on the events of the last session here by following the link.

SteveR and Tammy showed up at my place a bit early, but I was still eating lunch due to another couple of bouts of sitting on the toilet. So gaming was delayed a little bit, and we chatted about the week's happenings and stuff. When I finished eating, SteveR called us to order, and the gaming session started.

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The game session of Thousand Suns was certainly entertaining, although it moved in spurts as SteveR struggled to run the game at times. He didn't seem to be prepared for the session, struggling with how to get us involved (since it seems to be a bit more combat-oriented at the beginning of the adventure), though he did adapt as well as he could to the situation. It was also a bit obvious to me (don't know about Tammy) that he hadn't read the adventure in a bit, but for the most part it was a decent afternoon of gaming. There was no rolling of dice during the afternoon, except for one roll that I made and didn't succeed at, and that kind of threw me; too much of the information that Tammy's and my character learned was too easy to get, and there was a lot of infodumping going on (though it's not reflected in the above write-up (or perhaps it is)). It made me feel that Marko was all-knowing to some degree, and I didn't really have to work at anything, per sé. Dice rolling is an essential part of most roleplaying games, because there are always activities that one may not succeed at fully; the session didn't reflect that for me. The most difficult part for me (and I suspect for Tammy as well) was that we didn't get an opening scene of some sort to roleplay a bit and "establish" the characters we were playing. When the action started, I was kind of hesitant as I didn't really know how my character would react, and it showed in how I played it; not happy about that in terms of my play.

That said, SteveR has an interesting plot going here and I'm looking forward to seeing how it shapes up and comes together as we continue to play. I was fortunate in that my stomach and bowels calmed down for the afternoon, and I was able to sit and play at the table without having to spend any time in the loo. As for SteveR, there's stuff I think that he knows he needs to improve on. The real difficulty, I think, for him running Thousand Suns is that the game is somewhat of a sandbox. As such, the person running the game needs to create a lot of background stuff, either on the fly or in advance. 'Nuff said.

Overall, while there are some problems with the game, I'm looking forward to the next session of SteveR's Thousand Suns RPG campaign.