January 29th, 2017

Going to GenCon Indy Again

Well, it's official.

I haven't been to the convention since 2015, but I figured that this year, I would make the effort and go to GenCon Indy one last time in 2017. And so that's what I'm going to do.

This morning, badge registration for GenCon opened at 12 noon EST, and I have gone and purchased my registration for the convention. The convention is the weekend of August 17th, and prices have gone up; the badge cost me $90+ U.S. (and while the Canadian dollar has risen a bit, it's still not that great). spross hasn't booked the airfares for the convention yet, but now it's just a matter of booking the hotel when the Housing Registration begins on February 10th. (I'm so not looking forward to that craziness, but such is life.)

I hadn't really planned to go to GenCon for 2017, but there are a couple of reasons for doing so. Firstly, this is GenCon 50 (yes, that's right, the fiftieth!), which is something of an anniversary (to say the least), and I figured that it was worth going to this one. Secondly, my legs have been really bad (with some major foot problems), and I figure that going to the convention, barring something major happening to me ::knock on wood::, will be a good way of getting some walking in and some exercise. Lastly, this will be the last GenCon I'll be going to, and likely the last gaming convention other than Ottawa's CanGames, health willing. Age, health, and notably costs (convention membership, airfare, hotel, diabetes medication) are getting to be too much, and the uncomfortable nature of flying for me these days has made me take this decision. Add to that the current political situation in the U.S., and well... The 50th birthday of GenCon has to be worth the effort, right? :) I might go to a couple of conventions in the future, other than CanGames, but these will likely be science fiction and fantasy conventions.

I haven't decided yet whether I'll be running any games at GenCon this time around; to be honest, I don't want to carry any gaming books with me down to Indy. (I could be convinced to run something at GenCon, however, so if you want to do some persuading, drop me a line in the Comments or send me an e-mail.)

Like I said, all that awaits now is the trick of GenCon Housing.

Gaming Is Off For This Afternoon (Sunday)

Gaming is off for today.

Tammy can't make it out for the session today, and so with just one player, there's no point doing any roleplaying (and I'm not in the mood for other games either). Since spross isn't continuing with the Thousand Suns game campaign that he started, I'm not sure what we'd do for gaming at the moment, since I'm not really ready to run anything.