February 5th, 2017

Happy Birthday, spross!

Today is my friend, spross's birthday!

While I'm not at liberty to say how old he is, other than the fact that he's over 40 (ah, what the heck... he actually turns 48 years old today), SteveR's been a pretty good friend to me over the years. I've known spross since the 1980s, and while we've had our ups and downs, he has always been there for me. So I want to thank him for his friendship and support over the years, and the many hours of (mostly) enjoyable gaming and the like we've spent during all this time. (Perhaps one of these days he'll do up a journal entry about how we met and all and our first gaming experience, but for now...)

Happy Birthday, Steve! :) Hope the coming year brings you happiness, health, prosperity, and warm winds at your back.

Have a great day, Steve!

No Gaming This Afternoon (Sunday)

Gaming is off for today.

Tammy can't make it out for the session today, as she's got work-related stuff going on, and the weather is, to put it bluntly, inhospitable, as it's snowing quite heavily out there.

Since I've not received a certain roleplaying game that I'm waiting for in snail mail, I'm not sure what we'd have been doing if we'd been gaming (likely board games), but having the weekend off isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Time to make some lunch.