February 13th, 2017

Happy Birthday, Lucy Brown!

Happy Birthday, Lucy Brown!

Today is actress Lucy Brown's birthday. A truly lovely and gifted actress, Lucy Brown played Claudia Brown in Series One, and then Jenny Lewis in Series Two and Three of the Primeval UK tv series. Lucy has appeared in several other shows and series, and here's hoping we see a lot more of her on Canadian television in future.

Here's wishing Lucy Brown a very Happy Birthday, and a terrific year ahead!

The Not Quite Fiasco of GenCon Housing Reservations

As noted yesterday, the Housing reservation process for GenCon Indy 2017 opened and began. To say that I thought it was going to be a fiasco and that I would be stressed would be an understatement.

The Housing Portal opened at 12:00 noon yesterday, with every paid for registered member of the convention being randomly assigned a time within some time frame through the lottery method, after which their housing reservation could be made (or at least tried). I was disappointed on Saturday, when the messages with the randomly assigned times for hotel booking were issued, to see that I had a time that was at 6:37pm on Sunday. To be honest, in my experience with GenCon in the past, if you can't book a hotel room in the first hour or so, you aren't likely to get a room a) where you would want one (namely downtown Indianapolis). But I had no way of guessing what would happen.

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And there you have it - my experience with the GenCon Housing system for GenCon 50 this year. I'm not proud of some moments during this process, and it did give me a strong reminder that I really do have learn to manage stress better and stop freaking out at every (freakin') thing.

So anyone stay at the Westin Indianapolis in the past have some guidelines and hints? :)

And hopefully, I'll see some of you folks at the convention! :)