March 25th, 2017

Happy Birthday, Patrick Troughton!

For those who are fans of Doctor Who, today is the anniversary of the birth of actor Patrick Troughton.

Born March 25th, 1920, Patrick Troughton was the Second Doctor on the acclaimed tv series, and the first actor to replace the original Doctor, William Hartnell, and is thus the first regeneration of the Time Lord. It was a bold move on the part of the production team to replace the actor in the title role, and Doctor Who could have been a disaster from that point on. But it wasn't, and Patrick Troughton was the reason. His Doctor was unofficially known later on as "the cosmic hobo" due to the mannerisms that Troughton imbued the character with, but he could be as serious as needed when called upon. And when Troughton's Doctor was being serious, you knew that serious trouble was afoot.

Patrick Troughton's Doctor was my favourite in the role, though I also loved the William Hartnell Doctor. Sadly, much of Troughton's serials from the series no longer exist, and he is the most under-represented of the incarnations of the Time Lord on DVD.

So raise a glass today for the Second Doctor and the man who portrayed him so brilliantly, Patrick Troughton.

Earth Hour

Folks should not forget that today we celebrate Earth Hour.

Tonight's the night that we switch off the lights between 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm.

Earth Hour is designed to raise awareness of climate change, and was initiated by the World Wildlife Fund in Sydney, Australia in 2007. It is observed by at least 4,000 cities in 88 countries of the world (including the city of Ottawa).

So, remember, turn off the lights for an hour tonight and honour Earth Hour.

Friday Night Game Report - Coriolis - The Third Horizon RPG Session 5

Despite the nasty weather conditions on Friday night, the Friday night gaming group played last night and continued on with their campaign of the Coriolis - The Third Horizon RPG of Arabian Nights in space. You can read about the previous game session by following the link. This post is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut for those who don't want to read about my roleplaying game campaigns.


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Friday night's game session of the Coriolis - The Third Horizon campaign went pretty well, and I had a pretty good time. Given that the weather wasn't cooperating, I was surprised the players wanted to play at all, so that was a good sign. Because the weather seemed to get worse, the snow falling heavily as the evening went on, the players decided to stop play just after 10 pm, so the game session lasted for only about 2-1/2 hours. I managed to give the players a good feel for Mira station, and there was some fun roleplaying between the characters during the course of the evening as well. Angela and DavidM told me that the plot is intriguing as heck, and they're looking forward to seeing what happens.

Overall, a fun session of the Coriolis - The Third Horizon RPG, and I'm looking forward to next Friday night's game, weather and health willing.