August 13th, 2017

RPGaDay in August - August 13th: Game Experience Changer

We continue on with #RPGaDAY in August.



Day 13 - Describe a game experience that changed how you play.

This is a tough one for me.

That said, I think the game experience that changed how I play happened when my goddaughter, Ellie, started to actually play with the Friday night gaming group when she was 9 years old or so. While she'd been at the gaming table on and off since she was very small, it was when she actually expressed an interest in and started playing with us that my gaming style changed somewhat. More sensitive to the needs of younger players as well as being terms of the language I use at the table. And with Ellie joining the group, there was a shift in gender majority as well, so that provided some useful lessons, too.

Two Days Before GenCon 2017

Sunday afternoon. It's two days before I leave for GenCon Indy.

A relatively hot day outside, and a sign of things to come for the much of the rest of the week here in Ottawa, it seems.

So many things to do, packing-wise and gaming-wise, before I head off to the airport on Tuesday.

Between the weather, the allergies (this season seems to be particularly bad), the shoulder agonypain that I'm in, some of the stress I'm feeling, and some other stuff that I won't go into on my journal, I've not been sleeping all that well, though I do seem to have caught about four or five hours last night, so I guess that's better than nothing. It won't stop me from napping at times, either. That said, it doesn't leave me feeling all that well, my temper's a bit on edge, and I feel a bit ragged. Not an auspicious beginning for what promises to be a very busy (and hopefully enjoyable) week.

I'm taking it relatively easy today, "relatively" being an operative word. I'll do a bit more packing though as I'm going to try to get most of the packing done today (I'm about 28 to 30 percent done; it's the last 70% of packing, especially when you have gaming stuff to take with you, that always worries me; fortunately I don't have too much gaming stuff to pack, as I'll be receiving a rulebook and GM Screen as well as the scenario at the convention (if all goes according to plan) for the games I'm running at GenCon), since I've got two medical appointments tomorrow and a couple of places I need to stop for shopping. I might read a bit, but will definitely try to take a nap or two.

Just a reminder to folks going to GenCon Indy: I'll be staying at the Westin downtown. If folks would like to meet up with me, chat, do dinner, or whatever, drop me a line on my Twitter account or text me (if you have my mobile phone number, PM me if you don't).