September 29th, 2017

Friday Afternoon Thoughts

Have spent part of the day sleeping in, and part of the day doing a bit of cleaning up around the house (in a very general fashion).

The afternoon has been spent watching a few episodes of stuff on PVR, and just letting my feet have some time off the floor and ground. I've also spent a bit of time reading a couple of things for The Dark Eye RPG in preparation for this evening's session with the Friday night players.

Getting Ready for Friday Night Gaming

Getting ready for this evening's game session with the Friday night group.

The Friday night gamers will be continuing on with The Dark Eye RPG this evening, hopefully wrapping up character creation (that they started last Friday night) and possibly getting into some basic mechanics examples and some sample combats.

I'm looking forward to tonight's session, but at the same time am scared silly. (Not sure why.)

In the meantime, supper is ready to be eaten. Then gaming.

Have a good night, folks.