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Friday Evening Game Report - Torg Eternity, Session 10

The Friday night gaming group continued play in their Living Land campaign of the Torg Eternity RPG yesterday evening. You can read about the previous session of the game by following the link. This post is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut for those who don't want to read about my roleplaying game campaigns.


Melanie Franconi (KathyB) - Cat Burglar/Thief
Wendy Saltman (Angela) - Courier/Street Thief
Sandra Mitchell (Ellie) - Librarian/Magical Dabbler
Lucas Wells (Mark) - Businessman/Realm Runner
Andrew Quilling/Andar (Peter) - Transformed (Living Land) Athlete

April 27th, 2017

Morning dawns to find the Storm Knights and their edeinos allies ready to take on the Redjaws and rescue Harper Thompson. Both Kap’akt and the scout, Frt’ka, believe that this is a stealth mission, so it’s decided that only Frt’ka and one other edeinos scout, Tra’ket, will accompany the player characters on the mission. The Storm Knights set out with their edeinos allies, Tra’ket leading the way alongside Lucas Wells, with Andar bringing up the rear. They are forced to avoid a large party of hunting Redjaws, with Melani Franconi [she rolled a 1, and used a Second Chance card] and Sandra Mitchell [she rolled a 2, and used a Possibility] barely succeeding to sneak past the edeinos. The Storm Knights pause for a break with their edeinos guides, and are attacked by a pair of Snaevorms, a tree-dwelling worm with excellent camouflage capability. The Storm Knights take out the snaevworms, but not before Sandra disconnects [she rolls a 1, but fortunately succeeds at her Reality roll re-connect to Core Earth]. Andar tells Sandra that he believes that Lanala does not favour her this day, and that perhaps she should stay behind her tribesmen, to which the librarian/dabbler replies that she can hold her own. The Storm Knights move on.

Reaching a small stream, the Storm Knights and their edeinos allies easily ford it, but nearly walk right into another Redjaws patrol. Only Melanie’s senses [and an Alertness card] prevent disaster, and the Storm Knights move on past the patrol, skirting them in the dense vegetation. Frt’ka and Tra’ket quietly tell the characters that they have reached the edge of the Redjaws camp. Travel here will be a lot more dangerous. The group decides that Melanie and Andar, as well as the two edeinos, will scout out the Redjaws camp. Melanie discards her typical clothes, bundling them in a backpack, and dons the clothing of a primitive human (as per the plan agreed to by the Storm Knights the night before). She smudges a bit of dirt on her face and hands, much to her disgust, and Andar pronounces that she is good to go.

Andar, Melanie and the two edeinos move into the jungle, and head for the Redjaws’ camp. Wendy Saltman, Sandra and Lucas are worried about their friends (“We are all friends, aren’t we?” asks Wendy. “Of course we are,” states Lucas, emphatically.) Sandra points out that the Greenleaf edeinos won’t let anything happen to Melanie and Andar, hopefully. Meanwhile, coming upon a patrol of Redjaws edeinos, the Storm Knights realize they only have one chance. Melanie persuades them [a roll of 32, with the assistance of a Supporter card from Andar] that they belong to the primitive human group that works for the Redjaws. The edeinos patrol returns with them to the main campsite, and the Storm Knights are shocked to see the size of the encampment, and the sheer number of edeinos who follow Baruk Kaah’s backer, Slk’tok. Andar tells her that rescuing the boy will be much more difficult than he expected. The Storm Knights see that the camp consists of several crude huts, an open area where stakes have been placed, at which several prisoners can be seen bound by the neck to the poles, with their arms strapped to them as well (including Harper Thompson, though he seems different somehow) and a rather grandiose looking hut that is almost like a longhouse. Several fires are scattered here and there, and Melanie can make out a gospog field nearby. She tells Lucas they have to deal with the gospog field somehow as well.

Back where the scouting party left Wendy, Sandra and Lucas they are worried that the two Storm Knights and the edeinos haven’t returned from their scouting mission. Wendy suggests that perhaps they need to go to the Redjaws campsite themselves, and without another word, Lucas starts to lead the way. With luck on their side, the three Storm Knights make it to the Redjaws camp and see the scope of what they’re up against. Sandra is able to spot both Andar and Melanie in the camp, and they appear to be moving around unmolested. Lucas says they need to sneak down into the camp, but Sandra points out quite rightly that they’re not dressed for the role and they don’t want to endanger the others already down below. They decide to sit tight for the moment, though they have to avoid a couple of Redjaws patrols [each using Stealth skill successfully].

In the Redjaws camp, Melanie and Andar decide to split up, and wander around checking things out. They are each accompanied by a “guard” edeinos (both Frt’ka and Tra’ket serving these roles, having convinced the edeinos patrol that they are loyal Redjaws as well). Two of the primitive woman, Anja and Haly, are suspicious of Melanie, and follow her around, but Melanie persuades them that she means them no harm. Given some water to take to the prisoners, Melanie makes her way eventually to Harper Thompson, and realizes what is different about him - he’s become one with the Living Land! Harper has not been beaten, and drinks thirstily, eventually telling Melanie that he remembers his mother and is distraught to learn that she is dead. She tells him that there is a plan to free him, but he asks where he would go? She has some ideas on that, but it will have to wait for later. Meanwhile, Andar scouts out the edeinos campsite, and realizes that the Redjaws represent a distinct threat. He sees their leader, Slk’tok, in the distance, talking with several of the tribe’s scouts, and several of them depart. He is questioned by several zealous Redjaws edeinos, each sporting a human skull around its neck, and while able to answer their questions satisfactorily, realizes that the edeinos loyal to Baruk Kaah are really very different than those like the Greenleaf tribe.

Meanwhile, Sandra, Lucas and Wendy decide to head down and scout out the gospog field near the edeinos campsite. The player characters are able to sneak successfully down to the gospog field, avoiding several edeinos patrols and the edeinos flying overhead on the creatures known as Lakten. They discover that the field is guarded by a gospog [of the first planting] and a couple of edeinos who don’t seem to like their current jobs. The three Storm Knights swiftly make a plan, and then execute it. Lucas tosses a burning torch into the gospog field, causing a methane explosion and the start of a fire. As the two edeinos move to deal with the fire, they are attacked by Sandra and Wendy respectively, while Lucas goes after the gospog itself. [With the expenditure of several Possibilities and a few Drama cards] The Storm Knights attack the edeinos and the gospog, and prevail against them. The explosion at the gospog field and the start of the fire attracts the attention of more Redjaws from the main camp...

At the Redjaws camp, the attack on the gospog field triggers a panic, and Slk’tok orders the majority of the Redjaws, some 50 in all, to head for the field, leaving a token force of ten edeinos to defend the prisoners. Melanie and Andar use the opportunity to attack and free the prisoners (notably Harper Thompson). The edeinos defenders attack the two Storm Knights and the Greenleaf edeinos vigorously, but are no match for the Storm Knights and their allies [though a good number of Multi-Actions and Multi-Targets are taken and a few Possibilities and Drama cards are used]. With Harper Thompson and the other eight primitive human prisoners freed, the Storm Knights and the two Greenleaf edeinos lead them towards the jungle. Melanie and Andar look at each other, and realize they can’t leave the other three Storm Knights on their own. Telling Frt’ka to get the former prisoners to safety, Melanie and Andar head towards the gospog fields. Melanie shouts that they’ll meet the Greenleafs back at their campsite.

With the gospog field fully ablaze, Lucas, Sandra and Wendy decide that discretion is the better part of valour, especially when Sandra points out the arrival of a large group of edeinos and their beasts is inevitable. Lucas leads the Storm Knights away from the gospog field, and Sandra sets up such a ruckus of sound that it causes a small group of T. rexes to arrive on the scene. [She plays the Dino Attack! Cosm card.] The Redjaws have their claws full with the dinosaurs, and the Storm Knights are able to make their escape, though they have to face a couple of the Redjaws edeinos. Lucas makes short work of them with his Glock 9mm [he rolled a total of 72 after spending 1 Possibility, but none of the characters had a Glory card to play!], and the Storm Knights move on, and come upon Melanie and Andar. The meeting of the two groups is delighted, with Melanie asking, “The fire at the gospog field was you two, wasn’t it?” to which Wendy says, “Well, yes. Thought it would make a good distraction!”. With Lucas leading the way, the Storm Knights make their way back to the encampment of the Greenleaf edeinos.

Once the Storm Knights arrive back at the Greenleaf encampment, there is much joy and relief. The Storm Knights are pleased to see that Harper Thompson (telling them his name is now “Hapa”) and the other prisoners from the Redjaws camp are now safe. While Hapa has problems telling the group what happened to the three Storm Knights, one of the other former prisoners, Zach Loney, tells them that the three escaped from the Redjaws and were making their way towards Middletown, Delaware. One of the three mentioned to Harper in his presence that they were looking for something called an eternity shard…

Friday night's game session of Torg Eternity saw a little bit of everything, and had the players running around as if their lives depended on it (which they did, of course!). Overall, it was a fun game session, the players determined to go after the "McGuffin" next, but pleased that they'd effected the rescue of the prisoners from the Redjaws encampment. The biggest disappointment the players had last night was when Mark's Lucas made the shot of a lifetime, rolling a 72 on the dice, but no one had a Glory card to play for the big win. Guess what the next Destiny card draw was? You guessed it! :)

Anyway, I can't wait to run the next session of the adventure in two weeks' time! :)
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