August 12th, 2018

RPGaDay in August - August 12th: Wildest Character Concept?

We continue on with #RPGaDay in August.



Day 12 - Wildest character concept?

Another difficult question for me. Hmm...

I don't tend to go with wild (depending on your definition, of course) character concepts in games that I run, and I don't get to play games often enough to create wild concept characters. That said, the wildest character concept my players have ever come up with was the player who created Janishazza, a half-human, half-dragon character with the oddest personality I've ever seen (and I can't even begin to describe it here) in an Ars Magica game that I ran back in the day. She was an interesting character, but I still remember the nightmares I had as a GM with the character, and the plot hoops the player and I went through! Fun times! :)

Getting Ready for Sunday Afternoon Gaming

And so another morning that was a bit rough in terms of digestion issues and bowel stuff. So, what else is new these days? *sigh*

I'm getting ready for the afternoon gaming session with the Sunday group. The group will be continuing their Torg Eternity game in the Cyberpapacy, which I'm looking forward to. The players will be wrapping up their second adventure of the game, and then spross will be starting Tammy and me into character generation for the Star Trek Adventures game system. Looking forward to it - 'cause I get to play! Yay! - though I hope SteveR runs more than just the character creation session of a game this time.

Anyway, I need to go upstairs and see what I can make for lunch. Possibly a sandwich and some soup (yes, regardless of the heat outside).

Have a good afternoon (and evening), folks. :)